Ursus Tractor 3512 Price In Pakistan Specifications Features

Ursus Tractor 3512 Price In Pakistan = 6, 60, 000

When we talk about power and performance especially in agriculture department then the name of Ursus tractor 3512 comes on the top of the list. This is a 47HP diesel URSUS 3550 engine type that gives a maximum torque of 165NM at 1400RPM. Beside this there are lots of advanced features and specifications of this truck which are written here. You are also getting the Ursus Tractor 3512 Price In Pakistan with pictures. If you are seeking for a perfect machine for your agriculture or other heavy duty tasks then you must once readout the following specs and details so that you can make up your mind before buying this machine.

Ursus Tractor 3512 price in pakistan Specifications Features Fuel Consumption Pictures

Ursus Tractor 3512 Design and Performance:

When talking about design and performance then we have an adjustable size tractor with powerful performance. Traditional looking tractor has naturally aspired water cooled engine. Its 6 – 16 / 149 – 28mm front tire and 1350/1500/1800mm rear tires gives a thick grip on muddy and slippery fields and roads. Moreover the tractor has lengthy wheelbase and a high ground clearance which gives the tractor a more then standard suspensions. Further details about this Ursus Tractor 3512 specs and features are mentioned in the following table after the Ursus Tractor 3512 Price In Pakistan amount.

Ursus Tractor 3512 price in pakistan

Ursus Tractor 3512 Price in Pakistan:

Although Ursus tractors are Pakistan made units. But still its resale value in market is very handsome. So never underestimate this product if you have an economical price range then you can go with it. You can buy Ursus tractor 3512 model in price range of Rs. 6, 60, 000/- Rupees. Second hand tractor can also be bought in Rs. 3, 50, 000 Rupees which is also easily available as per the condition.

Ursus Tractor 3512 price in pakistan

Ursus Tractor 3512 Specifications:

Technical Data
ENGINE [brand and model] URSUS 3250
Engine type diesel, naturally aspired, direct injection, water cooled
Power, kW / HP at rpm 34,5/47 at 2250
Torque, Nm at rpm 165 at 1400
Swept volume, cm3 / no. of cylinders 2500 / 3
Air filter oil bath type
Fuel tank capacity, l 58
Clutch dry, double disc
Gearbox 8F + 2R with epicyclic reduction unit
Rear axle with mechanic differential lock and planetary hubs
Front axle three section type
Maximum speed, km/h 30
Powert Take-Off
Type live- proportional to engine speed
PTO speed at engine speed, rpm 540
Shaft diameter, mm / No. of splines 35/6
Functions draft, positional to engine speed
Hydraulic pomp oil flow, l/min 26.7
Nominal pressure, MPa 18
Hydraulic lift capacity, kg 1300
External hydraulics spool valves single (2 quick couplings)
Three-point linkage system Cat. 2
Steering System
Type hydrostatic
Braking System
Service brake oil immersed, disc type, mechanically actuated together or independently
Parking brake mechanical, hand operated
Wheels And Treads
Front / rear wheels 6 – 16 / 14,9-28
Front / rear treads, mm 1350, 1500, 1800
HITCHES drawbar, front hitch
2-POST ROPS + SUNROOF standard
Equipment rear work lamp, beacon warning light
Dimensions & Weights
Length / Width / Height , mm 3413 / 1850 / 2240
Wheelbase, mm 2083
Ground clearance, mm 380
Weight without ballast weights, kg 2285
STANDARD EQUIPMENT front fenders, plough lamp, front weights – 100 kg

Ursus Tractor 3512 Price In Pakistan = 6, 60, 000

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