FAW Cars Prices in Pakistan 2024

FAW Group the Chinese state-owned automobile manufacturer has launched its latest cars in Pakistan. FAW Cars Prices in Pakistan 2024 are mentioned here. With impressive styling moods here today we will discuss the FAW Cars Prices in Pakistan. The aim of the company is to provide good quality products at a reasonable price rate. FAW Pakistan is known as Al-Haj FAW. Recently, FAW cars received a good response in Pakistan. The FAW cars are equipped with basic safety standards and better performance. FAW V2 and FAW XP-V are the most popular FAW vehicles, according to sales of FAW cars in Pakistan. Check here the FAW Cars in Pakistan Price List 2024.

FAW Cars Prices in Pakistan 2024

Now, you can the price of all FAW vehicles as well as FAW Car prices one time again, and before visiting or showroom check the price from this page.

FAW V2 PKR 1,574,000
Carrier Deckless PKR 1,054,000
Carrier Flatbed PKR 1,064,000
Carrier Standard PKR 1,074,000
X-PV Dual AC PKR 1,269,000
X-PV Power addition PKR 1,309,000
X-PV Standard PKR 1,209,000
Sirus S80 RS 1,705,000
Sirus S80 Grand RS 1,885,000

Customers can check the car that suits their budget and can then further proceed to the specific dealer to buy this car.

FAW V2 Price In Pakistan 2024:

FAW V2 is one of the most demanding cars in Pakistan. It comes with a unique and distinctive design language. FAW V2 2024 model gets the trapezium-styled upswept headlights, a grille with quad intakes, a chrome FAW logo in the middle angular-styled dual air intakes, and standard angular rectangular styled dual fog lights. It has light gray and silver plastic trim pieces on the interior side. The car is comprised of a 1.3 Liter DOHC 16-Valve Inline-4 cylinder engine with electric control and a multi-point injection system. It is based on Euro 4 technology.


FAW Carrier Price In Pakistan 2024:

FAW Carrier is a mini pickup truck, powered with a 1.0 Liter OHC 8 valve inline-4 cylinder EFI petrol engine. The powerful engine is mated to a five-speed manual transmission. It is offered in three variants – standard, Deckles, and Flatbed along with Euro 4 technology. FAW Carrier received the latest exterior features like dual standard circular fog lights, large angular side swept trapezium headlights, a black grille, and a large air intake. The interior of FAW Carrier uses the features of gray plastic trim pieces fabric-covered seats, a stereo speaker system with USB input, and a tachometer.

FAW Carrier

FAW X-PV Price In Pakistan:

FAW X-PV is a subcompact mini M-PV with a front-engine and front-wheel drive. It is available in two variants – standard and dual A/C. Thanks to its better build quality with seven seating configurations compared to Bolan. FAW X-PV model gets the attractive design language with large angular side swept trapezium headlights, a black grille with triple horizontal chrome strips running its length, and a large air intake. FAW X-PV interior comprises gray plastic trim pieces features. It has a 970cc OHC 8 valves inline 4-cylinder electronic fuel injection petrol engine with euro 4 emission standard, paired to a five-speed manual transmission. FAW X-PV

FAW Sirius Grand Price In Pakistan: 

Sirius Grand is a popular mini SUV with a front engine and front-wheel drive-train. The new Sirius Grand model comes with a cool design language. It has sleek trapezium-styled upswept headlights, an angular chrome grille, and dual circular fog lights. There are also some standard features such as a stereo speaker system, leather-wrapped steering wheel, power side mirrors, dual front airbags, air conditioning, power steering, power windows, and a tachometer. Sirius Grand is equipped with 1.3 Liter and 1.5 Liter engine options. It is offered in two variants – S80 and S80 Grand.

FAW Sirius Grand

These were all the prices of the cars of this company. FAW Cars Prices in Pakistan 2024 have been increased this year due to increased taxes.

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