SUV Cars Price in Pakistan 2022

Supports Utility Vehicles (SUV) are dominating the Pakistani automobile market in the best. Both upper the middle-class families are fascinating with SUVs due to their looks, performance, and of course their power of off-road driving. A support utility car is well known for its power, performance, and four-wheel drive that makes it most demanding for all. Generally, these cars are available with a starting range of amounting to Rs. 20 to 25 lakh plus, but nowadays imported vehicles are decreasing the rates of SUV in Pakistan. The best example of imported SUV in Pakistan is Suzuki Vitara, Honda Cross Road, and Honda Vezel. Even if these cars are expensive but each third person has a wish to buy any of these cars. Here I have congregated Best Affordable SUV in Pakistan with details and price.


SUV Cars Price in Pakistan 2022

Now, some of the companies are making the SUV vehicle in Pakistan and all those people who are seeking the prices of SUV motors with specifications and features. So have a look down and take the all information about SUV cars.

  • Honda CR-V
  • Honda BR-V

This China import car is one of the best affordable SUVs in Pakistan. It is available for under Rs. 20 lakh. It looks like Pajero but its Torque and tires are comparatively shorter. Its quality of finish is much better than other locally manufactured cars. Moreover, this is a hatchback and 2 rows of sitting capacity which means you can travel a long journey with 5 members. You can also use its rear doors as a cargo space by folding its back seat inside down.

Honda BR-V


The second-best option for you to buy an affordable SUV saloon is Honda BR-V. Its latest model is although expensive but you can buy the 2016 or 15 models. It is available in the price range of between; Rs. 20 to 25 lakh (variations lies according to model year). BR-V is available in prismatic transmission with sedan looks. It is a front-engine four-wheel drive car that generates power to drive smoothly in the rain, mud, and off roads.


Honda Vezel

Honda Vezel Best Affordable SUV in Pakistan

Honda Vezel Price in Pakistan

After the love of Land Cruiser by Pakistani peoples, one of the best and the lenient alternate is Honda Vezel. This is a 4-cylinder 16 valve Inline-4 EFI Hybrid Synergy car. It has a 1496 cc engine with automatic transmission. It comes with 7 Speed clutch automatic or CVT remissions. This is one of the most in trend and best affordable SUV in Pakistan. Honda Vezel is the best affordable for the upper class as well as a middle class also buy it with the price range between Rs. 28 to 32 Lakh.

Toyota Rush

Toyota Rush Best Affordable SUV in Pakistan

Toyota Rush Price in Pakistan

These are the best small SUVs that are available in Rs. 25 to 30 lakh price range. Since 2005 Toyota is producing its rush series that are fascinating the peoples. The Toyota Rush 2017 is a 1500cc off-road car with cargo and 13” torque capacity with full grip tires. It is small but with full of specifications vehicle which is being imported from Toyota Japan.

Honda Cross Road 1.8L

Honda Cross Road Best Affordable SUV in Pakistan

Honda is always in the ease for its buyers. It has also introduced its units in SUV specs. All of its other SUV models are so expensive but the Honda Cross Road 1.8L is available in an affordable price range as compared to its siblings, such as Honda CR-V and Honda Element. You can buy this car in the price range between Rs. 25 to 30 lakh.

KIA Sportage

KIA Sportage

Recently KIA Sportager has came in market and people are purchasing due to outstanding features. KIA come in automobile market with ABS Brakes system along with Immobilizer Key as well as the most important function is cruise control that is not availabel in every vehicle. Some various companies is giving the option of cruise control in various models. Meanwhile, Air Bags, Power Locks, Keyless Entry, Power Mirror, Power Window and Power Steering.

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