Sedan Cars in Pakistan 2024

We are here for Sedan Cars in Pakistan 2024 details sharing. Sedan cars are the most favorite and appropriate family cars due to the cargo space in their rear extension. Especially Pakistani families like sedan cars more than hatchback cars. If you are also seeking to buy a big car in Pakistan then read out this entire post to get the list of Sedan Cars in Pakistan Price and specifications. These days Japanese cars are loved by the Pakistani nation. The reason is their low price and variety of range but imported Japanese and Chinese cars are the most hatchbacks with low profile detailing. These Sedan Cars in Pakistan 2024 details will give you a complete idea about new car purchasing.

Sedan Cars in Pakistan 2024

At this time in Pakistan, Honda, Toyota, and Hyundai company produce the vehicle in sedan body which is mentioned below along with prices.

Honda Sedan Body Vehicle

Honda Civic Honda Accord Honda City Price in Pakistan 2022 Honda Grace Hybrid Price in Pakistan 2022 Specs Features Mileage Shape Pics
Model: Honda Civic Model: Honda Accord Model: Honda City Model: Honda Grace
Price: PKR 8,599,000 – 10,199,000 Price: PKR 15,499,000 Price: PKR 4,799,000-5,979,000 Price: PKR 4,400,000-4,500,000

Toyota Sedan Body Vehicle

Toyota Corolla X Toyota Yaris
Model: Toyota Corolla X Model: Toyota Yaris
Price: PKR 6,169,000-7,799,000 Price: PKR 4,499,000-5,769,000

Hyundai Sedan Body Vehicle

Hyundai Elantra Price in Pakistan 2022 Hyundai Sonata
Model: Hyundai Elantra Model: Hyundai Sonata
Price: PKR 6,599,000-7,130,000 Price: PKR 10,329,000-11,280,000

All Sedan Cars in Pakistan 2024 are mentioned in the table, as well as prices of all sedan cars, are mentioned below the table. Further, the link has been mentioned, just click on the link then the specifications and features of the cars will show on your screen.

Hence, this is the list of Sedan Cars in Pakistan 2024. Besides these, there are lots of other Sedans or Saloon cars in Pakistan that are being sold in the market but these are the top and bestselling sedans in Pakistan which makes it efficient to enjoy your journey with your family and baggage. Besides this, you can suggest others to get more cars through the following commenting section. After Sedan Cars Price in Pakistan, you can see different car price through the below side posts.

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