IMT 565 Tractor Price In Pakistan 2023

Orient Group of Pakistan is the representative of IMT tractors in Pakistan. They have produced various models of agrarian trucks and the IMT 565 tractor is a 2WD & 60HP turbo tractor. It has a 3.3 Liter 4 cylinders diesel engine which can produce 160 lb-ft torque @ 540 RPM. With a longer wheelbase and high ground clearance this tractor suits agriculture and harvesting purposes. If you want to get IMT 565 Tractor Price In Pakistan Specifications Features then read all details. Most people prefer Messy, Fiat, and Holland trucks but you are informed that in case of durability and price budget this will be the perfect unit for your farms. With a reliable and genuine guarantee company is confidently selling these machines in Pakistan. If you are also interested to buy the IMT tractor, 565 models, then you can read the features, design, and of course IMT 565 tractor price in Pakistan.

IMT 565 Tractor Price In Pakistan 2023

Bull Power-565  Rs. 1,170,000
Bull Power-565-S Power               Rs. 1,225,000

IMT 565 tractor price in Pakistan Specifications Features Power Booking

IMT 565 Tractor Design and Performance:

When we talk about the design and performance then we have a powerful turbo tractor that has 60 horsepower. With a hydraulic system and longer and thick tires, the truck gives a handsome suspension and displacement. company has given it a new design with frontal mudguards, powerful LED headlamps, as well as the 6 forward and 2 reverse manual transmission gears, gives a confident experience in your work. The aggressive-looking machine is coming in a very affordable price range which is also written below. You are also suggested to read out the features and specifications and then compare the price of the IMT 565 tractor in Pakistan for sale.

IMT 565 tractor price in Pakistan

IMT 565 Tractor Price In Pakistan:

The new model of IMT tractor 565 is ready for sale at its showrooms now. You can buy this truck in the price range between 8.5 lacs to 9 lac. But you are informed that different dealers have different prices according to their optional tools and tackles. So must keep 10 lac in your pocket when you are going to buy this powerful and beautiful, reliable, and durable tractor IMT 565.

IMT 565 tractor

IMT 565 Tractor Specifications:

Manufacturer IMR
Model DM34/T
Fuel Diesel
Cylinder arrangement 4 cylinders Inline
Fuel injection Direct injection
Power Rated 47 kW / 63 hp (M) @ 2250 rpm
Rated RPM 2250 rpm
Horse Power 60HP


Short name 6+2
Type Manual / Non-synchronous
Gears Forward 6
Gears Reverse 2
Creeper No


Rear lift capacity 2400 kg / 5291 lb
Front lift capacity 1930 kg / 4255 lb
Front lift availability Optional
Speed rear 540/1000


Weight 3180 kg / 7011 lb
Length 392 cm / 154.3 inch
Width 192 cm / 75.6 inch
Height 263.5 cm / 103.7 inch
Ground clearance 34 cm / 13.4 inch
Track width min 130 cm / 51.2 inch
Track width max 210 cm / 82.7 inch


Tire size back 14.9-28
Tire size front 7.5-16
Tire size back 16.9-28
Tire size front 7.5-16
Tire size back 12.4-36
Tire size front 7.5-16


Weight 3180 kg / 7011 lb
Chasis 2 wheel drive (2WD)
Cabin type Safety cabin
Steering Hydrostatic
Brakes type Hydraulic (Disk)
Braking wheels Braking on 2 wheels
Electronic tractor control selection_data.brakes_type_N
System for precise tractor control Not available

Here all information about IMT 565 Tractor Price In Pakistan 2023 is mentioned on this page as well if you want to take more info about booking then must visit the official showroom.

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