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All New Bikes Prices In Pakistan 2020 (Lahore Karachi Rawalpindi Quetta Peshawar)

All New Bikes Prices In Pakistan 2019

Here, below Table is  given where All New Bikes Prices In Pakistan 2020 Which is Updated Daily. Here You can Check Honda Bikes, Suzuki Bikes, Yamaha Bikes, Super Power, Asia Hero Bikes, Metro Bikes, Ravi Bikes and other all Bikes Companies Current Prices. These Prices Might be some how Differ from physical Market but these value will differ in minor. Its our Main focus provide you updated Price Chart of all Bikes in Pakistan.

All Bikes Prices In Pakistan 2020 updated on daily basis so stay connect with us and every update of All Model like 70CC, 100CC, 110cc, 125cc, 150cc, 200cc, 250 and above heavy bikes price in Pakistan 2019 you can check here at Driver.pk site.

Below is the list of all the China bikes being used in Pakistan.

Asia Hero Bike Prices 2020

Asia Hero Bikes PricesCurrent PricePrice Updated On
Asia Hero CDI 70PKR 42,00001-12-2018
Asia Hero Deluxe 70ccPKR 50,00001-12-2018
Asia Hero 125 BikePKR 65,00001-12-2018
Asia Hero 125cc Self StartPKR 70,00001-12-2018

BML Bike Prices 2020

BML Bike PricesCurrent PricePrice Updated On
BML 70 ccPKR 39,50001-12-2018
BML 100 ccPKR 48,50001-12-2018

Crown Bike Prices 2020

Crown Bike PricesCurrent PricePrice  Updated On
Crown CRLF 70PKR 42,50001-12-2018
Crown CRLF 70cc Euro llPKR 44,50001-12-2018
Crown CRLF Spoke WheelPKR 47,50001-12-2018
Crown CRLF Self Start 70ccPKR 50,00001-12-2018
Crown CRLF Deluxe 100ccPKR 52,50001-12-2018
Crown Jazba 70ccPKR 49,90001-12-2018
Crown CR 125 Euro IIPKR 79,00002-09-2019

Eagle Bikes Prices 2020

Eagle Bikes PricesCurrent Price Price Updated On
Eagle DG 70 Fire BirdPKR 39,00001-12-2018
Eagle Vicky 70ccPKR 37,50001-12-2018
Eagle Fire BoltPKR 44,00001-12-2018

Habib Bikes Prices 2020

Habib Bikes PricesCurrent Price Price Updated On
Habib HB 70PKR 44,00001-12-2018

Hero Bikes Prices 2020

Hero Bikes PricesCurrent PricePrice  Updated On
Hero RF 70PKR 47,00002-09-2019
Hero 125ccPKR 105,50002-09-2019

Honda Bikes Prices 2020

Honda Bikes PricesCurrent PricePrice Updated On
Honda CD 70cc Euro 2PKR 75,50011-12-2019
Honda CD Dream 70ccPKR 79,50011-12-2019
Honda CD 100cc Euro 2PKR 86,00001-12-2018
Honda Pridor CD 100cc Euro llPKR 86,00001-12-2018
Honda CG 125 Euro 2PKR 125,50011-12-2019
Honda CG Dream 125ccPKR 106,40011-12-2019
Honda Deluxe PKR 129,50011-12-2019
Honda CBR 150PKR 660,00001-12-2018
Honda CBR 500RPKR 1,250,00011-12-2019

Metro Bikes Prices 2020

Metro Bikes PricesCurrent PricePrice  Updated On
Metro MR 70PKR 43,60011-12-2019
Metro MR 70 JeetPKR 39,00011-12-2019
Metro Boom Euro ll 70PKR 40,50011-12-2019
Metro Dabang Euro ll 70PKR 44,50001-12-2018
Metro MR-125PKR 75,60001-12-2018

Osaka Bikes Prices 2020

Osaka Bikes PricesCurrent PricePrice Updated On
Osaka AF 70PKR 42,50002-09-2019
Osaka AF70 ThunderPKR 47,00002-09-2018
Osaka AF 125PKR 72,00002-09-2019

Pak Hero Bikes Prices 2020

Pak Hero Bikes PricesCurrent PricePrice Updated On
Pak Hero PK 70PKR 45,00011-12-2019

Ravi Bikes Prices 2020

Ravi Bikes PricesCurrent PricePrice Updated On
Ravi Humsafar PlusPKR 39,00001-12-2018
Ravi Premium R1PKR 43,00002-09-2019
Ravi Humsafar 70PKR 40,00002-09-2019
Ravi PIAGGIO STORM 125PKR 112,00002-09-2019

Road Prince Bikes Prices 2020

Road Prince Bikes PricesCurrent PricePrice Updated On
Road Prince RP 70PKR 44,00011-12-2019
Road Prince RP 110 CCPKR 51,00011-12-2019
Road Prince BulletPKR 44,00001-12-2018

Sohrab Bikes Prices 2020

Sohrab Bike PricesCurrent PricePrice Updated On
Sohrab JS 70PKR 45,00001-12-2018

Super Asia Bikes Prices 2020

Super Asia Bike PricesCurrent PricePrice Updated On
Super Asia SA 70PKR 43,00001-12-2018

Super Power Bikes Prices 2020

Super Power Bikes PricesCurrent PricePrice Updated On
Super Power SP-70PKR 42,50001-12-2018
Super Power SP-125PKR 75,00001-12-2018

Suzuki Bikes Prices 2020

Suzuki Bikes PricesCurrent PricePrice Updated On
Suzuki SprinterPKR 80,40001-12-2018
Suzuki SPRINTER ECO Euro2PKR 119,90011-12-2019
Suzuki Raider 110 Euro 2PKR 101,400
Suzuki GD 110 Euro IIPKR 168,00011-12-2019
Suzuki GS-150PKR 175,50001-12-2019
Suzuki Inazuma Gw 250PKR 725,00001-12-2018
Suzuki Intruder M800PKR 1,700,00001-12-2018
Suzuki Hayabusa GSX 1330RPKR 2,600,00001-12-2018
Suzuki GD 110SPKR 168,00011-12-2019
Suzuki Thunder 125PKR 132,00001-12-2018
Suzuki Mola 125PKR 135,00001-12-2018
Suzuki Van Van RV125PKR 129,00001-12-2018

Unique Bikes Prices 2020

Unique Bike PricesCurrent PricePrice Updated On
Unique UD 70PKR 47,70002-09-2019
Unique UD 125ccPKR 75,50002-09-2019
Unique UD100PKR 85,50002-09-2019


United Bikes Prices 2020

United Bikes PricesCurrent PricePrice Updated On
United US 70PKR 45,50011-12-2019
United 100ccPKR 55,00011-12-2019
United UD 125 PKR 75,00011-12-2019

Yamaha Bikes Prices 2020

Yamaha Bikes PricesCurrent PricePrice Updated On
Yamaha Dhoom YD-70PKR 50,40001-12-2018
Yamaha YD-100 JunoonPKR 72,50001-12-2018
Yamaha DYL YD-125PKR 95,00001-12-2018
Yamaha Mini 100 Euro IIPKR 64,00001-12-2018
Yamaha YBR 125PKR 153,50011-12-2019
Yamaha YBR 125GPKR 160,00011-12-2019

Zxmco Bike Prices 2020

Zxmco Bike PricesCurrent PricePrice Updated On
Zxmco ZX 70PKR 42,00001-12-2018
Zxmco ZX 70CC Euro 2PKR 44,00001-12-2018
Zxmco ZX 70 CC Thunder plusPKR 47,00001-12-2018
Zxmco ZX 100CC Power MaxPKR 52,00001-12-2018
Zxmco ZX 100 CC ShahsawarPKR 55,00001-12-2018
Zxmco ZX 125 CC Euro 2PKR 75,00001-12-2018

These were all the China bike companies that are being used in Pakistan. Interested customers can select the bike according to their budget by seeing the prices here. New Bikes Prices In Pakistan 2020 are comparatively higher than previous year.


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