Jolta Electric Bikes Price in Pakistan 2024

Jolta Electric Bikes Price in Pakistan 2024
PKR 1,57,000-2,50,000
*Ex-Showroom Price in Pakistan

Engine (upto)

Self Start

Mileage (upto)
50 KM/L

Local manufacturer Jolta has successfully launched its fully operational e-bikes in Pakistan. Jolta Electric Bikes Price in Pakistan 2024 starts from PKR 1,57,000 to PKR 2,30,000. These E-Bikes are quite similar to normal bikes in Pakistan. It is offered in three variants – E70, E100, and E125. According to company officials, these e-bikes are highly cost-effective and are tailored specifically for Pakistani customers. All-new Jolta electric bikes are fuel-free, noiseless, smoke-free, pollution-free with environmentally friendly because there is no mechanical engine.

Jolta Electric Bikes 2024 Price in Pakistan

After high prices of Petroleum everyone asking Price of Jolta Electric Bike in Pakistan 2024 are different models wise that mentioned below table. These bikes will gain an amazing reputation which will help the company to increase its customer base all around the country as these bikes will cause less pollution as compared to the bikes working on petrol.

Model Price
JE-70D SE PKR 1,57,000
JE-70Li Basic PKR 1,99,000
JE-100Li PKR 2,20,000
JE-Scooty JES-70D PKR 1,75,000
JE-Scooty JES-70Li PKR 2,30,000

Jolta Electric Bikes Price in Pakistan 2024

These e-bikes are equipped with motorized engines without any piston or fuel emissions. Jolta International is in fact in collaboration with a Hong Kong-based company. Now the company plans to invest $10 million in Pakistan in two phases by setting up an assembly to produce e-cars and shuttle buses. Jolta E70 bike is offered with the expected price of PKR 1,57,000.

Jolta Electric Bike 125cc Price in Pakistan

Recently, Jolta company launched 125 Electric bikes which price range is PKR 2,50,000. In addition, some silent specs and features which is given for audience knowledge.

Price PKR 2,50,000
Charging Time Around 5 to 8 Hours
Top Speed 55KM
Battery Type Dry EV GEL
Distance Approx. 70

Specifications of Jolta Electric Bikes:

The specifications of this bike are as follows:

Specs E70 E100 E125
Motor 48v, 1500W 60v, 3000W 72v, 5000W
Motor RPM 550 720 800
Max torque 45 – 48Nm 55- 60Nm 75 – 80Nm
Max Power 2HP 4HP 6.8HP
Motor Current 1.2-1.4A 1.5-1.8A 2.2-4A
Charge Time 5 Hours 6 Hours 7-8 Hours
Travel in Single Charge 50KM 70KM 120KM
Top Speed 50km/hour 60km/hour 80km/hour
Electricity cost for one charge Rs 15 (1.7 units) Rs 20 (2.5 units) Rs 32 (4 units)
Starter Self Starter Self Starter Self Starter
Final drive Rear Wheel Hub Motor Rear Wheel Hub Motor Rear Wheel Hub Motor
Frame Type Back Bone Type Back Bone Type Back Bone Type
Measurement 1897x751x1040mm 1897x751x1040mm 1911x732x1016mm
Ground Clearance 136mm 136mm 140mm
Seat Height 771mm 771mm 771mm
Wheelbase 1215mm 1215mm 1213mm
Tyre Front 2.25-17(4 R) 2.25-17(4 R) 2.50-18 PR
Tyre Rear 2.50-17(4 R) 2.50-17(4 R) 3.00-17.6 PR
Suspensions Front Tele Scopic For 103 mm Travel Tele Scopic For 103 mm Travel Tele Scopic For 103 mm Travel
Suspensions Rear N/A N/A Swing Arm 68mm Travel
Weight 70kg 72kg


In electric bikes, Jolta is a demandable bike due to specs and features as well as we have mentioned some important in the above table. Furthermore, people can get the Jolta Electric Bikes Price in Pakistan 2024 which is given on this page.


What is the price of electric bikes in Pakistan?

The latest price of the Electric bikes mentions above the content because of just only the Jolta company manufactures these bikes. The average of this bike is outstanding as compared to other bikes.

How fast does a 48v 1000W electric bike go?

People are seeking the top speed of this bike. So the top speed of this bike is 60 Km/H.

What type of motors are manufactured by Jolta Electric?

Jolta company is using the latest technology in electric motors to give extra mileage to the bike so people can enjoy traveling.

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