Ladies Scooty Price in Pakistan 2023 New Model

Here comes the most interesting and best list of ladies’ top Scooty models and their prices in Pakistan. On this page, you will get details about Ladies Scooty Price in Pakistan 2023 and Ladies Scoooty dealership in Pakistan.  Scooty is becoming one of the biggest demands inside marketplaces and especially among ladies and college girls. This concept was started in India and now it has traveled to make its way into the Pakistan market as well. In Pakistan Major Cities Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad are the best to market for Ladies Scooty because in these cities ladies are interested in purchasing ladies Scooty. This is a fact other Pakistani city ladies are not interested in riding ladies’ Scooty due to the cultural environment. Well if you want to know about Ladies Scooty Price in Pakistan 2023 New Model then read further all details.

Ladies Scooty Price in Pakistan 2023

Ladies Scooty Price PKR 95,000/.

Now, Ladies Scooty has been introduced in Pakistan and the majority of the ladies are using this bike as well as the actual price of this bike is mentioned above the table, and people can check it. If you want to get Ladies Scooty then different color Scooty bikes are available in the Market in used and new conditions.

United Scooty Price

Ladies Scooty Price in Pakistan 2019 New Model

Ladies Scooty Features in Pakistan

Multiple features are in the bike and some following features are mentioned below.

  • Anti Theft Lock
  • Disc Brake
  • LED Light
  • Wind Shield
  • Fully automatic
  • Disc brake
  • Self-start

Ladies Scooty Price List

Some other ladies’ Scooty price list is mentioned for the information of the users who are searching the information about them.

Vespa LX 125 Rs.79,078
Vespa ZX 125 CBS Rs.83,191
Vespa VXL 125 CBS Rs.92,977
Vespa SXL 125 CBS Rs.96,278
Vespa VXL ABS Rs.1,03,729
Vespa SXL 150 ABS Rs.1,07,781

United Scooty Picture

United Scooty 50cc Price in Pakistan

United 50cc RS. 50,000

Those people who are finding the price of a 50cc bike now can get it because United has released the 50cc bike for customers.

United 80cc Scooty

This Scooty has been best featured with the 4 strokes. It has been adjusted with the OHC system which makes it great on the road. Apart from it the bore and stroke of the united 80cc Scooty are about 98.1cm3. Moreover, the rated compression ratio of the united 80cc Scooty is estimated to be 9.8:1. Furthermore, the rated power of the United 80cc Scooty is somehow being 7.2 Hp (8000 rpm). Similarly, the maximum settlement of the torque of the united 80cc Scooty is about 7.5 (6000 rpm). It has a dry weight of around 90kg. The United 80cc Ladies Scooty Price in Pakistan 2023 is Rs. 90,000 in the market of Pakistan.

United 80cc Scooty

United 100cc Scooty:

United 100cc Scooty is certainly taken as best for everyday use. This Scooty is somehow perfect for the mother’s use. It would make your offer with the four-stroke, as well as the single-cylinder engine which is forced air-cooled.  It has a dry weight of about 91kg. It has tires with a front size dimension of around 90/90-12and the back tires size is 3.50-10. The dimension of the bike is nearly about 1870×650×1140 (l x w x h). It has a price of Rs. 95,000 in the market Pakistan

Super Power Scooty 70cc 2019

Super Power Scooty 70cc 2023:

This is an amazing two-wheel Scooty is accessible in Pakistan. The major features as set best to be the part of this Scooty have been the clutchless start with the enhanced improved level of capacity too. It has been all packed with light features along with the light in weight coverage too. It is efficient in fuel coverage that is about 65 km/l and can run at the speed of 70 km/h. The self-start and metallic color Scooty 70cc are available for the cost of Rs. 50,000 all over Pakistan.

Super Power Scooty 70cc 2021

After Ladies Scooty Price in Pakistan 2023 New Model Specs Features Pictures you can see different bikes and car posts. As you would make the search around you would be finding so many different models of the Scooty being available in the market of Pakistan. All the Scooty are provided at reasonable rates to enjoy the best driving mode. So stop wasting time and choose the best Scooty model right now!

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