United Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

United Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2024
PKR 2,88,000
*Ex-Showroom Price in Pakistan

Engine (upto)


Mileage (upto)
85 KM/L

Well-known motorbike manufacturer United Company now introduced an Electric Bike in Pakistan. People ask about United Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2024 which is Rs. 288,000. On the other hand, a 1500W motor is installed along with a 48v/40AH lithium battery. Moreover, in a time full charge you can travel around 50-60 km/h besides some people ask about battery charge time which requires 4 to 5 Hours. Further, they have introduced a lot of new features and specs which are discussed below. Have a look down and get United Electric Bike Price in Pakistan.

United Electric Bike 2024 Price in Pakistan

The price of a United electric bike in Pakistan is PKR 288,000. Now, people have changed their interest and going to buy an electric vehicle because the petrol price is much higher. Other details about the specs and features of the United Electric Bike are given below.

United Electric Bike Price PKR 2,88,000


  • 1500W motor installed in this bike.
  • A lithium Battery is used and its power is 48v/40AH.
  • A fast Battery Charge of 4 to 5 hours is required.
  • 50 to 60 KM travel under a full-time charge.

United Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2024


United Company made electric bikes the same as others but on some points, they have to change the specs. For engine space, they installed a battery box and digital meter. On the other hand, on the right-hand side, they introduce cell points about the remaining battery indicator.

Benefits of United Electric Bike

There are a lot of benefits of electric bikes. Those people who are using it are highly satisfied with this bike. So, we are going to discuss all benefits on this page.

  • Maintenance is not required.
  • No petrol Required
  • No engine oil is required.
  • Engine maintenance is not required.

Further, there are many other hidden benefits, and when you use this bike then realize it’s important.

Almost the market trend has changed and now people prefer electric bikes for several reasons. On the other hand, many other companies have launched different models of electric bikes along with different specs and features but United is a well credible brand. They launch electric bikes with full specs. Moreover, we have mentioned the United Electric Bike Price in Pakistan and if they revise it in the future then we will update it.

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