Neon M3 Electric Bike In Pakistan 2024

A new electric bike has launched in Pakistan and nobody knows about Neon M3 Electric Bike In Pakistan 2024. Recently many different companies in Pakistan have been launching their electric bikes. And the demand for these bikes is increasing day by day as technology is advancing. A company named Neon has also recently launched its own full-fledged Electric bike with advanced features and has named it as Neon M3 Electric Bike. Further, info about the Neon M3 Electric Bike In Pakistan 2024 is written below.

Neon M3 Electric Bike In Pakistan 2024

After launching in this country people want to know about Neon M3 Electric Bike in Pakistan 2024 that is above 1 Lac rupees. People were looking for a bike that had all the desired features within an affordable range. Neon electric bikes are the kind of such bikes that have fulfilled this expectation of the people. The new neon M3 bike has a price of 128,000 PKR. But currently, the company is offering the bike for the amount of 108,000 PKR. The company is also offering a promotional helmet for the riders.

Neon M3 Electric Bike Price in PKR 128,000 PKR

Neon M3 Electric Bike In Pakistan 2024

Neon M3 Benefits

Electric Bikes have various benefits for the riders.

  • No tension about the money to be spent on fuel.
  • The fuel can be saved which could be used at many other places in the country.
  • Electric bikes are eco-friendly bikes they do not pollute the environment.

Neon M3 Specifications:

The bike has some amazing specifications. If we talk about the engine and motor then it has a 2000-watt motor and an automatic transmission. Similarly, the bike uses a battery to travel and the battery is charged at regular intervals of time.  The bike has a 6-cell and 72 V battery and it charges a total of 4000 rupees to be replaced.

The battery takes a total of 6 hours to be fully charged and it turns off if the charging comes low to 20 percent. On a single charge, the bike can travel nonstop up to 50 kilometers and the battery has a life span of around 2 to 3 years.

Neon M3 Features:

  • The bike has very unique features.
  •  Just as it is very strange to hear that you can drive a bike without a key.
  • Yes, it is made possible now. This neon electric bike does not need any key to start, the riders can start it remotely, similarly lock and unlock it as well.
  • Also, a siren is connected to the bike if a rider forgets to remove the stand and start the bike.

Neon M3 Interior

The bike does not need any fuel to travel. The interior of the bike is composed of batteries that are charged and help the bike to travel up to 85 km maximum speed and travel long distances of 50 km if the battery is fully charged.

Neon M3 Exterior

The bike resembles a sports bike and comes in similar shapes. The bike has a dual pistol caliper break at both the front and back sides. It has a digital instrumental cluster gauge well-appointed on top. The bike also has a fantastic daytime running light. And have wonderfully well-designed indicators. The body of the bike gives a look of a sports bike and it adds its own grace to the bike. The sleek design is really liked by the people.

Neon M3 Exterior

Neon M3 Colors

The different colors of the bike have increased its demand. No electric bike comes in such amazing colors and features altogether. The bike comes in four amazing colors. They are:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue
  • White

Every color enhances the beauty of the bike in its own way.

Above we have mentioned the complete details about Neon M3 Electric Bike In Pakistan 2024. As the bike is launched, it seems that the dream of bike riders is becoming true for so many people. It is the dire wish of so many people to have an affordable bike that carries all the best features. And the M3 bike also has a resemblance with the sports bike which makes it more captivating and impulsively grabs the attention of the customers in the Market.

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