Honda City Price in Pakistan 2025

Honda City Price in Pakistan 2025
PKR 4,699,000-5,849,000
*Ex-Showroom Price in Pakistan

Engine (upto)
1498 cc

Manual, Automatic

Mileage (upto)
13-15 KM/L

Honda has unveiled the new model of Honda City in Pakistan, featuring a fresh design and enhanced features compared to its predecessors from 2009 to 2020. Priced between PKR 4,699,000 and PKR 5,849,000, the car is available in five different variants, featuring automatic and manual transmissions, and engine options of 1.2L and 1.5L, with reports of a 1.0L engine version too. Despite the higher cost, the update aims to offer a more comfortable driving experience, aligning with Honda’s commitment to facilitating easier and safer journeys for its customers.

Honda City 2025 Model: Variants and Prices

  • City 1.2L M/T: PKR 4,699,000
  • City 1.2L CVT: PKR 4,829,000
  • City 1.5L CVT: PKR 5,439,000
  • City 1.5L Aspire M/T: PKR 5,649,000
  • City 1.5L Aspire CVT: PKR 5,849,000

Note: The above-listed prices exclude government taxes. At the time of purchase, you will pay filer or non-filer taxes. For those asking for the Sedan Body Honda City 1.2 price in Pakistan, see the table above.

Honda City Price in Pakistan 2022

Honda City Overview


Below are some unique features of this newly designed car. This model of Honda City will surely stand out due to its different shape compared to previous models.

  • Rear Airconditioning Vent
  • Rear Parking Camera
  • Cruise Control
  • Paddle Shift
  • Electrically Foldable ORVM
  • Electrically Adjustable ORVM
  • Power Steering with Tilt Adjustment
  • Keyless Entry
  • Keyless Trunk Opening
  • Power Window (Front & Rear)
  • Power Door Lock
  • Door Lock Switch at Driver-side
  • Sound Insulation Front Windshield (Diesel only)

Booking Price

You can book the new Honda City, but the exact booking price is not fixed. However, it is estimated to be above 2 million rupees. Visit the nearest Honda showroom for more details.

  • Booking Price: Above 2 Million Rupees

Optional Features and Cost

All optional features offered by Honda can be installed, but their prices vary. When making the complete payment, optional feature charges must also be paid.

  • Reverse Camera: PKR 5,000
  • Nav. System with Rear Cam: PKR 59,500
  • FR Fog Lights: PKR 8,000
  • Hi-Grade Interior: PKR 55,000
  • Trunk Tray: PKR 8,500
  • Door Visors: PKR 6,000
  • Floor Mats: PKR 6,000
  • Ext. Warranty (4th Year): PKR 9,000


The Honda City has an aggressive interior design. Its modern, elegant rear lights and reflectors not only add to the panache but also enhance the luxurious appeal of the car. The 2025 seats are designed for comfortable traveling and include all necessary safety features like ABS and Cruise Control.

Honda City 2022 Interior

Exterior Images

Honda City 2022 Price in Pakistan


Tank Capacity

The Honda City has a tank capacity of 40 liters, which is an improvement over the previous models. This is crucial for long drives, allowing users to fill up for extended trips.

  • Tank Capacity: 40 Liters

Fuel Average

Fuel efficiency is a critical consideration for any vehicle. The Honda City is one of the best in its class, offering an impressive fuel average.

  • Honda City Mileage: Around 15 to 17 KM/L

Available Colors

Limited colors are available for the Honda City. The company offers only 7 colors, allowing buyers to choose according to their preference.

  • Brilliant Sporty Blue
  • Carnelian Red
  • Crystal Black Pearl
  • Lunar Silver
  • Metroid Grey
  • Taffeta White
  • Urban Titanium

Get the Best Deals on Honda City

Visit the nearest official Honda showroom for the latest deals and offers on the Honda City. The price trends change daily due to fluctuations in the dollar price. You might also consider the Hyundai Elantra within this price range.

The Honda City 2025 brings a fresh design and enhanced features, making it a top choice for car enthusiasts in Pakistan. With its competitive pricing and advanced features, it stands out as a leader in its class. Visit your nearest Honda showroom today to learn more and take a test drive.


Q: What is the price of Honda City in Pakistan 2025?

A: The price ranges from PKR 4,699,000 to PKR 5,849,000 depending on the variant.

Q: What are the key features of the Honda City 2025?

A: Key features include a rear air conditioning vent, rear parking camera, cruise control, paddle shift, and electrically foldable ORVM.

Q: What is the fuel average of Honda City 2025?

A: The fuel average is around 15 to 17 KM/L.

Q: What colors are available for the Honda City 2025?

A: Available colors include Brilliant Sporty Blue, Carnelian Red, Crystal Black Pearl, Lunar Silver, Metroid Grey, Taffeta White, and Urban Titanium.

Q: How can I book the Honda City 2025?

A: You can book it by visiting the nearest Honda showroom. The booking price is estimated to be above 2 million rupees.

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  1. Colored seats with dark/black dashboard and half dark/black doors, this is pathetic.
    I don’t know why Honda don’t learn about the color theme throughout the cabin?
    They made almost similar mistake in current City till 2011, after that they changed the cabin color according to the seats and the sales increased

  2. sadly it is actually the 2016 model which was launched in other countries last year…the actual 2017 model has slightly better shape and features than this so called pakistani 2017 model…don’t know why Honda is delaying the launch of its City model in pakistan..


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