Honda Civic Price in Pakistan 2024

In Pakistan, the 11th generation Honda Civic has become a popular choice among car enthusiasts, with its price ranging from PKR 8,329,000 to PKR 9,899,000 for the year 2024. Available in three distinct variants—Standard, Oriel, and RS Turbo—this latest model emphasizes the transition to automatic transmission, with no manual versions on offer. The recent announcement of updated prices for the Honda Civic has piqued interest across the country. This model is known for its advanced features, including improved fuel efficiency, a wide range of color options, ample tank capacity, and enhanced top speed, catering specifically to the preferences and needs of the Pakistani market, ensuring that buyers are well-informed about this leading vehicle choice.

Honda Civic 2024 in Pakistan

Prices of all variants Honda Civic 2024 are now available but all prices mentioned exclude govt duties. People can book this car at the Honda Showroom because its booking is not open.

Model Price
Civic Standard PKR 8,329,000
Civic Oriel PKR 8,659,000
Civic RS Turbo PKR 9,899,000

Honda Civic Fuel Average

The first two variants of the Honda Civic fuel average is not too good while 3rd variant which is RS Turbo is fuel efficient. In addition, the 11th generation Civic standard and Oriel fuel mileage is around 10KM while the RS Turbo fuel average is 13KM.

Oriel and Standard Fuel Average 10 KM
RS Turbo Fuel Mileage 11 to 13 KM

About Civic Reborn and Rebirth

All those models of Civic who came in between 2008 to 2012 it was called Honda Civic Reborn while all model who came in between 2013 to 2016 was Civic Rebirth. Both models’ outer bodies and interiors are different even specs and features are not the same.

Model Name
Civic 2008-2012 Reborn
Civic 2013-2016 Rebirth

Honda Civic Standard

  • The Standard variant is the entry-level model that comes with the core features expected in a modern sedan.
  • This variant typically includes essential safety features, a comfortable interior, and an efficient engine, making it a cost-effective choice for buyers looking for the reliability and style of a Civic without the additional frills.

Honda Civic Oriel

  • The Oriel variant builds on the Standard with additional features that may include a sunroof, upgraded interior materials, or advanced tech features.
  • The price increase from the Standard to the Oriel reflects these enhancements, which cater to those who seek more comfort and a higher level of equipment in their vehicle.

Honda Civic RS

  • The RS is the top-tier variant of the Civic lineup, boasting the most comprehensive set of features.
  • This could include a more powerful engine, sportier design elements, and cutting-edge technology both for performance and in-cabin experience.
  • The RS variant is for those who are willing to pay a premium for the best performance and luxury that the Civic has to offer.

When considering the purchase of a Honda Civic, potential buyers should evaluate the differences between these variants closely to choose the one that aligns with their budget and satisfies their requirements for features, performance, and style. Moreover, at this time Civic, Hyundai Sonata, and Toyota Corolla prices are almost the same.

Honda Civic Price in Pakistan 2024

Honda Civic Variants in Pakistan

There are only three variants in Pakistan but the prices of all the variants are going to be mentioned below. Further, the differences between all the variants are written while the prices of all the variants are different. Even we can say prices have been decided according to specs and features.

  • Civic 1.5L Turbo M CVT
  • Civic Oriel 1.5L Turbo M CVT
  • Civic RS 1.5L Turbo LL CVT

Optional Features of Honda Civic

Optional Product Price
Reverse Camera PKR 10,000
Nav. System with Rear Cam PKR 90,000
Hi-Grade Interior(fabric to grey) PKR 59,500
Exterior Color-Morning Mist Color PKR 25,000
Floor Mats PKR 15,000
Door Visors PKR 25,000
Trunk tray PKR 15,000
Front under spoiler PKR 60,000
Rear under spoiler PKR 60,000
Side under spoiler PKR 80,000
Front grill garnish PKR 50,000
Deck lid spoiler PKR 80,000
4th-year Warranty PKR 20,000

Latest Honda Civic Interior

  • The Honda Civic 2024 model combines a roomy and ergonomic interior with a shorter nose and wheelbase for superior handling.
  • Its seats are designed for comfort and an open spacious feel.
  • It would be equipped with all necessary safety features like ABS, Cruise control, stability controller, and much more.
  • It would be available in 7 attractive colors. The Honda Civic 2024 model has ensured impressive fuel mileage on roads and highways.

Honda Civic Price in Pakistan 2024

What is the Top Speed of Civic?

The Honda Civic reaches an impressive top speed of 180 KM/H, making it one of the faster options in the sedan segment. This top speed demonstrates the vehicle’s capability to deliver exhilarating performance, well-suited for enthusiasts who appreciate a spirited driving experience.

Top Speed 180 KM/H

Honda Civic Engine

Engine Capacity and Configuration

  • With a 1799 cc displacement, the Honda Civic’s engine is robust and capable. The in-line cylinder configuration is a classic setup that provides a balanced combination of power and smoothness, contributing to the overall refined performance of the car.

Power Output

  • At 141 horsepower generated at 6300 RPM, the Civic’s engine power is noteworthy for its class, delivering enough oomph for both city driving and highway cruising. This power level ensures that the Civic can handle daily commutes with ease while also providing an engaging drive when you need that extra burst of speed.

Fuel System and Efficiency

  • The engine employs an Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system with intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (i-VTEC) technology. This advanced fuel system enhances performance and fuel efficiency, offering a responsive driving experience while optimizing fuel consumption.

Fuel Type and Cylinders

  • Running on petrol, this 4-cylinder engine strikes a balance between fuel economy and performance. Four cylinders are a standard for compact sedans, providing a good trade-off between power output and fuel efficiency.


  • With 174 Nm of torque available at 4300 RPM, the Civic has a substantial low-end grunt, ensuring good acceleration from a standstill and sufficient power for overtaking. Torque is the force that helps the vehicle start moving from a stop and keeps it cruising with less strain on the engine.

Valve Mechanism

  • The SOHC (Single Overhead Camshaft) with 16 valves is an engine design that allows for simpler maintenance, reduced weight, and generally quieter operation. The 16-valve setup means there are four valves per cylinder (two for intake, two for exhaust), which allows for better airflow and combustion, thereby enhancing engine efficiency and performance.

Overall, the Honda Civic’s engine specifications depict a motor that is designed for reliable daily driving with a touch of performance flair, suitable for a wide range of driving conditions and preferences.

Fuel Tank Capacity

People know about Honda Civic Fuel Tank Capacity which is 50L. But according to company guidelines, you can fill just 48 Liters of petrol into the tank.

Fuel Tank Capacity 50L

Available Colors in Pakistan

Honda Civic color is going to launch with different colors as well colors’ names are going to be mentioned below. Further, before booking a new car one time must select a color.

  • Black
  • White
  • Silver

These are the basic colors of this car as well when the company issues the proper color scheme on the official page then we will share it with the audience.

Launch Date OF Honda Civic in Pakistan

According to some sources, Honda company will launch the Civic in the months of June and July but this is the estimated time and we can not say this is authentic info because gathered through different sources. Furthermore, when the company representative issues any statement about the launch date we will share it with the audience who are waiting for the latest Honda Civic Model 2024 in Pakistan.

  • February

Honda Civic Delivery Time

When Honda company launched a new model of the Honda Civic thousands of people booked in the first month. In addition, those people who are going to book a new Civic now are finding the Honda Civic delivery time in Pakistan that does not exist but is an estimated time here. In a normal routine when people book a Civic car the Honda company delivers a Civic within four to five months.

  • 4 to 5 Month Delivery Time

How to Book a Honda Civic in Pakistan?

Basically, some people want to know what documents are required at the time of booking. Some info information is going to be mentioned below.

  • Original CNIC Copy
  • Pay Order / Demand Draft

Further, you can verify the documentation from the official showroom. Because the Honda company representative will guide you properly.

Honda Civic 2024 Comparison

Honda Civic Vs Honda Vezel

Honda Civic VS Honda Vezel Comparison

Now, everyone can get the Price of Civic in Pakistan. Honda Civic exists in different variants and the prices of all the variants are listed above the content. Moreover, the prices of all the variants have been decreased by the government. Same as it After the announcement of the new auto policy the government now the company has now revised the prices of all the variants.


Where is the 2024 Honda Civic made?

Basically, the Honda Civic is manufactured in Pakistan but the company imports Civic parts from another country. We can say that this is a local Assemble car.

How Much Will 2024 Civic Cost?

Honda Civic comes in three variants in Pakistan as well the prices of all the variants are different and everyone seeking Honda Civic Price in Pakistan 2024. Further, in above we have mentioned the price of this car with complete details above.

Is Honda launching a new Civic?

Yes, the Honda Civic is going to launch a new model in Pakistan. Moreover, the picture of the Honda Civic is mentioned above.

What is the price of the Honda Civic 2024 in Pakistan?

The Honda Civic Price in Pakistan 2024 is PKR 8,329,000 to PKR 9,899,000. Further, the complete information about all variants is mentioned in complete detail.

Is Honda Civic 2024 launched in Pakistan?

Now, the honda civic has been launched in Pakistan and for the information of the people the booking of honda civic has started.

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