Learning, LTV, HTV Driving License Fees in Punjab

Are you looking at the Learning, LTV, HTV, and Driving license fees in Punjab has declared official by the government and department? Moreover, you can gather all the fee criteria of the Learning, LTV, and HTV Driving License Fees in Punjab. As per the law below 18 years, old people cannot drive a vehicle while those people who are driving the vehicle without a licensed government are taken action against them. Moreover, one more time government has allowed the driving license because due to COVID-19 government suspended all the activities about the driving license. Now people are looking at the fee of the LTV and HTV learners. Have a look down and get the complete info about Learning, LTV, and HTV Driving License Fee in Punjab.

Learning, LTV, HTV Driving License Fees in Punjab

Learning LTV, HTV Driving License Fee in Punjab is going to mention below while this is the latest fee schedule. Moreover, if they change the fee structure of Learning, HTV, and LTV then we will update this page. In addition, the duplicate license fee and renewal fee are mentioned on this page. Moreover, you can check the DLIMS Online Driving License.

Motor Cycle 50 500 550
Motor Car 150 750 900
Delivery Van 60 280 340
Tr.Com 100 500 600
Tr.Agri 50 250 300
LTV 150 750 900
HTV 200 1000 1200
Road Ruler 100 500 600
Loco Moto 140 660 800
Invalid Carriage 20 100 120
Motor Cycle + Car 200 750 950
Motor Cycle + LTV 200 750 950
Motor Cycle + Rickshaw 100 450 550
Motor CAB + Rickshaw 100 450 550
LTV + PSV 150 750 900
HTV + PSV 200 1000 1200

Learning, LTV, HTV Driving License Fees in Punjab

Driving License Renewal Fee Punjab

The traffic department does not make the driving license for a lifetime while they issue the driving license for a limited time duration like 4 years and 5 years. After the expiring date, you must renew your driving license.

Type License Fee Fine after 1 Year Renewal Fee & Fine for 5 Years
Motorcycle 100 250 750
Motorcar 150 375 1125
Motorcycle Rickshaw 100 250 750
Motorcab Rickshaw 100 250 750
LTV 150 375 1125
HTV 200 500 1500
Tractor Agriculture 50 125 375
Tractor Commercial 100 250 750

Driving License Duplicate Fees

Some people misplace their driving license due to some issue then they make a duplicate driving license.

Motor Cycle 100
Motor Car 150
Delivery Van 60
Tr.Com 100
Tr.Agri 50
LTV 150
HTV 200
Road Ruler 100
Loco Moto 140
Invalid Carriage 20
Motor Cycle + Rickshaw 100
Motor CAB + Rickshaw 100
LTV + PSV 150
HTV + PSV 200

You can gather all information about Learning, LTV, HTV Driving License Fees in Punjab as well as the renewal fee and duplicate driving license fee is exist on this page. So if you want to drive a vehicle then firstly make the driving license and then drive the vehicle.

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