Honda Bike Installment Plan 2022 with or Without Interest

For the guidance of the customers who are going to take the Honda motorbike on installment now, they can take from the company because they are offering the installment plan with interest and without interest. So Honda Bike Installment Plan 2022 now exists and without time waste take the benefits from this offer. Further, Honda Company uses the three banks for installment as well as the banks’ names are MCB, Silkbank, UBL, and Meezan Bank. On the other hand, the criteria of the bike installments have been issued by all the banks and now we are going to write below. So, have a look down and take the info about Honda Bike Installment Plan 2022 with or without interest.

Honda Bike Installment Plan 2022 with or Without Interest

Installment plans of all the banks that are giving this offer available on this page and people can take them easily. Just read below the instructions and follow them step by step.

Honda Bike Installment Plan 2021 with or Without Interest

MCB Honda Bike Installment Plan 2022

MCB Bank has released the Honda bike installment plan as well as you can take from this page.

  • If you want to take a Honda bike on a 1-year installment then MCB gives the bike without interest rate.
  • If you take a Honda bike on the above 1-year installment then the bank will take some interest rate that is going to be mentioned below the table.
  • If you have done the installment process before 31 July 2022 then MCB bank will give you a Helmet free of Cost.
  • This offer is not just for Honda 125 while you can take every bike manufacturer by Honda company on installment.
Bike Name Bike Price 0% for 3 Months 0% for 6 Months 0% for 12 Months 18 Months 24 Months 30 Months 36 Months
CD 70 86,900 28,967 14,483 7,242 5,796 4,594 3,880 3,409
CD 70 Dream 93,500 31,167 15,583 7,792 6,237 4,943 4,175 3,668
Pridor 120,500 40,167 20,083 10,042 8,038 6,371 5,380 4,728
CG 125 142,500 47,500 23,750 11,875 9,505 7,534 6,363 5,591
CG 125 SE 170,500 56,833 28,417 14,208 11,373 9,015 7,613 6,689
CB 125F SE 205,500 68,500 34,250 17,125 13,707 10,865 9,176 8,062
CB 150F 160,500 86,833 43,417 21,708 17,376 13,773 11,631 10,220
CB150F SE 164,500 88,167 44083 22,042 17643 13,984 11,810 10,377

Honda Bike Installment Meezan Bank

Those people who are the regular customers of the Meezan bank now can easily take the CD 70 with 3 and 6 Month installment plans without interest rates. While if you take the bike above 6 monthly installment plan then they will issue Interest. Further, when Meezan Bank will complete your documentation then instantly provide the bike to the customers. Other, people who are not using the Meezan bank can apply because this offer is valid for all the customers.

Bike Name Price 5% Down Payment 3 Month 6 Month
Honda CD 70 RS. 84,500 RS. 4,225 RS. 26,758 RS. 13,379

Some requirements have been issued by the Meezan bank for this purpose that is going to mention below the table.

Installment Requirements and Instructions

Citizenship Must Pakistan and Permanent Resident
Age 20-65 Year Old
Minimum Income Requirements
  • Salaries Class- 25,000/- (Gross Salary)
  • SEP- 40,000/-
  • Businessmen- 40,000/-
Debt Burden Ratio 35% of Net Monthly Income/- (For Salaried, SEP, and Businessmen)
Down Payment Minimum 15% of the cost of the vehicle and maximum 50% of the cost of the vehicle.
Tenor 1 to 3 Year
Payment Mode
  • Through postdated cheque.
  • Direct Debit instruction of Meezan Bank Account.
  • Direct Deduction from salary by employee ( Only in Corporate cases).
Cheque Return Charges Cheque return charges would b levied as per the bank’s schedule of charges.
Takeful Coverage As per takeful company’s policy

Silk Bank Honda Bike Installment Plan

Silk bank has announced the installment plan while we have mentioned it on the driver. pk.

  • You can take the bike on installment up to 3 to 36 Month
  • If you take the installment plan for 3 Months then the bank will charge a 0% Interest rate.
  • This offer is just only for Platinum and Gold Credit Cardholders.
  • Free home delivery across Pakistan.

UBL Honda Bike Installment Plan 2022

You can gather the United Bank Limited Plans from this page as well as the plan of the installment is the same who given the Silk Bank but just only one point UBL bank changes. Silk bank giving the just only Silk cardholders while UBL bank is giving this offer to all the customers. Further, below the table, you can gather the installment plan of UBL.

Bike Name Price 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months 18 Months 24 Months 30 Months 36 Months
CB 150F 191,000 63,667 34,387 18,339 13,022 10,387 8,824 7,798
CG 125 116,500 38,833 20,974 11,186 7,943 6,335 5,382 4,750
Pridor 96,500 32,167 17,373 9,266 6,579 5,248 4,485 3,940
Honda CD Dream 74,500 24,833 13,413 7,153 5,079 4,051 3,442 3,041
CD 70 70,500 23,500 12,692 6,769 4,806 3,834 3,257 2,878

All the people can take the information about Honda Bike Installment Plan 2022 with or Without Interest from this page as well as when the bank will change the criteria of the installment then we will update on this page. On the other hand, all the banks giving the bike without interest on 3 Months plan while if customers buy above 6 Month installment then the bank will give the bike on interest that is written above the tables.

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