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List of Best Banks in Pakistan for Car Leasing

Banks are providing commodities to people so as to make their lives much better. There are number of banks in Pakistan that are providing their services to help you out in time of need. These banks are the ones that have made their name over time. The best five banks according to us are:

  1. HBL:
  • HBL has a facility to provide you with the insurance which is very good for those who are at loss of any kind. It is one way to secure your future.
  • Eh leased amount is returnable up to seven years duration which quite a long time but for low earners the perfect way to settle themselves.
  • HBL finances person leasing car up to 85% of your own choice.
  • The eligibility criteria of the bank is very low, if you earn 20,000PKR per month even then you are eligible to apply unlike many other banks.
  • For the low income earners HBL is best choice for leasing the car.

List of Best Banks in Pakistan for Car Leasing

Best Banks in Pakistan for Car Leasing

  1. Dubai Islamic bank:
  • This bank is where you will be able to lease by Sharia compliant manner.
  • DIB finances you with five hundred thousand so that you may get your own car.
  • The bank is providing you with the facility of advance booking and also ready delivery.
  1. Alfalah:
  • When you lease car from Alfalah it is very good because you may repay the amount of lease up to five years
  • Flexibility or making your own choice of down payment is provided to you.
  • The leased car can be changed with the new one in the same amount paid anytime, this way you may enjoy different cars and they all will be yours.
  1. Meezan bank:
  • Until the contract of the leased car ends the owner has complete ownership of the asset.
  • The agreements done according to Shariah law binds the person leasing car to the conditions and liabilities.
  • In case you have faced theft of car, Meezan Bank continues to charge lease rent from you until insurance claim gets settled.
  • According to Islamic Shariah the penalty of late payment is put in the person.
  1. NIB bank:
  • NIB is one of those banks that have proven it to be one of those that give fastest approval rates around Pakistan.
  • You may lease used or new car as per your requirement.
  • Life insurance that is provided to you by NIB is up to 500,000PKR.
  • Minimum down payment for the lease of car is required which is also based on your choice of payment schedule.

You may opt for the best bank for car leasing according to your choice and needs.


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