Honda S660 Price In Pakistan 2020

Honda S660 is equipped with Engine 660 cc three-cylinder engine producing 64 hp. Honda S660 Price In Pakistan 2020 is mentioned here. It is lightweight roadster sports car. The Japanese Kei car model would be powered by a 660 cc motor with approximately 47 kW (63 hp) and 104 N·m (77 lb·ft) torque to meet Kei regulations. The Honda S660 has been officially designed as a kei car which means it is actually powered by a sub 660cc engine and weighs just under 700 kg.

Honda S660 Price In Pakistan 2020:

The price of this car ranges from 1,800,000-2,500,000 PKR. The prices vary because this car is available in used condition at different dealers as well as online at olx where you can easily buy this car.

Honda S660 Price In Pakistan 2020

Honda S660 In Pakistan Specifications:

The specifications of this car are as follows:

 Engine & Performance

  • Engine

    • Engine Specification

      • Power (kW)  47 kW
      • Horsepower  64 hp
      • Horsepower  63 bhp
      • Rev. at Max Power  6000
      • Torque (lb-ft)  77 lb-ft
      • Rev. at Max Torque  2600
    • Configuration Combustion

      • Internal Combustion Engine 
        • Displacement  0.7 l
        • Displacement  659 cc
        • Cylinders  3
        • Valves per Cylinder  4
        • Bore  64 mm
        • Stroke  68.2 mm
        • Compression Ratio  9.2 :1
        • Supercharger 
        • Turbocharger 
        • Engine Configuration  Inline
    • Configuration Electric

      • Electric 
  • Drivetrain

    • Drive Type  Two Wheel Drive
      • Type of Two Wheel Drive  RWD
    • Transmission  Automatic Manual
        • Type of Automatic  Continuously variable
    • Number of Gears  6
  • Fuel

    • General

      • Fuel  Petrol
      • Tank Capacity  25 l
    • Fuel Consumption NEDC

      • Combined  4.1 – 4.7
    • Emission NEDC

      • CO? Emission, Combined 96 – 110

Honda S660 Price In Pakistan 2020

An export or US market version was hinted to use motors such as a turbocharged 1.0 liter motor with around 95 kW (127 hp). Its introduction signals a return to two-door sports coupes from Honda, taking the smallest position below the larger Honda CR-Z and the top level luxury Honda NSX. Honda S660 Price in Pakistan is surely high.

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