Road Prince Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

Finally, Road Prince Company launched an electric bike and people found Road Prince Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2024 PKR 260,000 in Pakistan. The availability of this model is available in every showroom on the Road Prince. High-capacity lithium battery 72V 24ah installed. People looking travelling range of this bike under single charging which is 100km. The outer body of the Road Prince electric bike is the same as 70 bikes. But just the company’s electric motor in the space of the engine. At this time due to high petroleum prices, this is the best option for everybody.

Road Prince Electric Bike 2024 Price in Pakistan

The approximate price of the Road Prince electric bike is around 2 Lac 60 thousand Rupees. People compare this bike’s price to another electric bike and this is much more expensive but its traveling range is higher than other bikes.

Road Prince Electric Bike Price in Pakistan PKR 260,000

Road Price Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

Road Prince E Go Price in Pakistan

Recently, Road Prince launched its first electric bike named E-Go. Everyone wants to know its price which is around PKR 260,000. This bike has been launched with the shape of a 70Cc bike and the outer body dimension is the same, not the same just company installed an electric kit where the engine exists. Otherwise exterior is totally the same.

E-GO Electric Bike Price PKR 260,000

NOTE: Everybody can compare this model with the Jolta Electric bike because the prices of both are almost the same. So, that’s why you can compare with United, Jolta, Crown, and others.

In Pakistan, the trend has changed and now moving from petrol bikes to electric bikes because they do not consume fuel as well run on electricity. Just one-time charge and travel a long distance. On the other hand, many other electric bikes exist in the local market some are locally assembled while some are imported. Road Prince company claims this bike is best as compared to others because its travel range is high as well as lithium battery is installed which is powerful. Further, the Road Prince electric bike price in Pakistan 2024 has already been discussed above in detail.

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