Crown Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

Recently, Crown Company introduced an electric bike in Pakistan, and now everybody looking for a Crown electric bike price in Pakistan 2024 which is PKR 90,000 to PKR 175,000. All electric scooters are avaialble in major cities of Pakistan where authorized dealers are working. On the other hand, a total of three electric scooter models were launched under different prices as well as each Scooty, specs, features, and other things. Major information regarding each electric bike of a crown is listed below the table.

Crown Electric Bike 2024 Price in Pakistan

Crown is a well-known motorcycle brand in Pakistan and now they have launched electric bikes. Currently, three different models exist and each variant’s price is different.

Model Approx Price
Crown Electric Moped 350 PKR 90,000
Crown Electric Scooty 650 PKR 145,000
Crown Electric Scooty 800 PKR 175,000

Crown Electric Bike Price in Pakistan 2024


Right now, three different models have been launched by Crown and the major specs of each model are now available.

Crown Electric Moped 350

Electric Motor 350 W
Battery Type 48V 12 Ah
Top Speed 30 Km/h
Range Up to 28 Km
Charging Time 4 to  hours

Crown EV 650 Price in Pakistan

At this time, Crown electric bike demand is increasing day by day as well as people who asking for it price that is PKR 145,000. Moreover, the specification of the Crown EV 650 is listed below.

Electric Motor 650 W
Battery Type 48V 22Ah
Top Speed 50 Km/h
Range 70-80 Km
Charging Time 6 Hours

Crown Scooter 800W Price in Pakistan

Now, the 800 W Crown Electric Scooter has been launched and everybody asking price which is PKR 175,000. On the other hand, before buying this vehicle you can get the other details like specs from this page.

Electric Motor 800 W
Battery Type 60V 22Ah
Top Speed 55 Km/h
Range 60-70 Km
Charging Time 7 hours

The latest Crown Electric bike model is now available in Pakistan. Basically these days, petrol prices are much high and nobody can bear fuel prices. So, they prefer electric bikes and Crown company’s electric bike range is high compared to others. Further, we have listed above Crown Electric Bike Price in Pakistan.

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