Union Star 70cc Automatic Bikes in Pakistan

Union Star is decided to launch an automatic 70cc motorbike in Pakistan. Union Star Motor Company is introducing the same technology in the vintage and trademark looks of CD70 in Pakistan, after the release of Super Power automatic scooters. Union Star automatic bike comes with the improving economic conditions with a lot of positive changes in a very short time than the Super Power automatic. It is an electric bike very simple to operate bike. Union Star automatic bike is particularly useful for older people and females with require minimal effort to run. The new 70cc bicycle gives an immediate drive innovation for its operation.

Union Star 70ccc Automatic Bikes in Pakistan

According to various sources, the 4-transmission motor-bike is packed with a solitary chamber motor with a single cylinder engine. Automatic bike can hold up to 9 liters of petrol. These bikes are almost 100% localized with most economical maintenance. Now the company is working to producing these motorbike with achieving the effectiveness and cost efficiency. Union Star Automatic a simple bike such as Honda CG125. It is a most suitable and able to understand bike. It is a good effort by the company because almost every roadside mechanic understands. The company could sale the bike with the price of 45,000 rupees, according to the sources.

The spare parts of the bikes are also expected to be much higher because they are assembled in Pakistan. The company observes the demands and preferences of the consumers and may not get huge orders. The Union Star Company will achieve a goal with this new mode. These bikes have no gearbox, kick and clutch system. Union Star Automatic Bikes 2017 get the switch-on button. The new automatic bike has unique features with new tools or spare parts. There is no statistical benefit with the launch of this Union Star Automatic Bike.

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