Revolt 70cc Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

Revolt bike has come to the market as well people can buy them. Now, people are seeking the Revolt 70cc bike price in Pakistan 2024 is around 60 thousand rupees. On the other hand, this is a China-made bike but imported to Pakistan because this is easily available at a cheap price and everyone can easily afford it. Most important they are using the latest technology engine that is giving good performance. Further, all the specifications, features, and fuel mileage of this bike along with Revolt 70cc Bike Price in Pakistan 2024.

Revolt 70cc Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

Revolt 70cc bike price is 60,000 thousand rupees as well this is fully loaded with specs and features. Moreover,  recently the latest model has been released and in this model, they have changed many things. Further, other details that are necessary for customers are going to write below.

Revolt 70cc Bike Price 60 Thousand Rupees

Revolt 70cc Bike Price in Pakistan 2022

Revolt 70cc Bike Engine:

They are using a good quality engine in this bike because this engine works for a long time if you are using with carefully like changing the engine oil and some other. This is a kick-start engine bike and they will launch the self-start as soon.

  • 70Cc

Revolt 70cc Bike Fuel Mileage.

This bike is much better as compared to others because the fuel mileage of this bike is outstanding while this bike does around 50 to 55 KM under one-liter petrol. On the other hand, all the users are happy who are using this bike. When people buy a new bike then they prefer to take the good mileage bike.

  • 50 to 55 KM

Revolt 70cc Bike Accessories.

The accessories of this bike are easily available in the market and this is not costly. Moreover, when you use a bike definitely you will change some parts after a few days. The part of other bikes is too expensive.

Revolt 70cc Bike Engine Oil Capacity

Some people do not know the revolt 70cc engine oil capacity. So you can put just 1 1-liter oil because the tank of the oil is small. While some models exist that require 1.5 Liter oil.

  • 1-liter oil

Every person can easily take this bike because this is not too costly. In addition, the official showroom of this company does not exist in Pakistan but if you want to buy this bike then you can take it from local dealers that are imported from China. In the future, if they launch the new bike then we will share it on this page. All the information about Revolt 70cc Bike Price in Pakistan 2024 is mentioned and before buying this bike one time must check the information from this page.

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