Nissan Dayz Car Price in Pakistan 2024

Nissan Dayz Car Price in Pakistan 2024
PKR 1,700,000-1,850,000
*Ex-Showroom Price in Pakistan

Engine (upto)
659 cc


Mileage (upto)
17 to 20 KM/L

With the new facelift, Nissan Dayz introduced in Pakistan with 6 different variants, Nissan Dayz Car Price in Pakistan 2024 starts from PKR 1,850,000 to PKR 1,784,500. Because this car is small and perfect for small families because many people like small calls. On the other hand, this is Japanese and everyone is well aware of the quality of Japanese technology. They use the latest technology and provide comfort to the people who are driving. Further, the Nissan Dayz 2024 Roox is a 660c Japanese imported car in Pakistan offered by Nissan. It got the latest exterior, interior, and safety features. The new model Nissan Dayz is the latest addition to the Nissan 660cc car. To increase fuel efficiency introduced a new battery-assist technology. This is equipped with a number of convenience features that have been well received by Nissan DAY’s owners.

Nissan Dayz Car Price in Pakistan 2024

The latest price of the Nissan Dayz car price 2024 has been mentioned and you can check on the other hand the nine capacity is 660cc but if talk about the power so that is very strong as compared to local assemble.

Nissan Dayz Bolero J PKR 1,850,000
Nissan Dayz Bolero S PKR 1,700,000
Nissan Dayz Bolero X PKR 1,800,000
Nissan Dayz J PKR 1,750,000
Nissan Dayz S PKR 1,800,000
Nissan Dayz X PKR 1,784,500

NOTE: The price is expected because we have mentioned the original price excludes import duties.

Nissan Dayz Roox front and Rear Views

Nissan designers wanted the exterior of Nissan ROOX to look sporty and aggressive, while at the same time, exuding a sense of interior spaciousness. The head-turning shape of the new minicar is enhanced by the tinted glass all around the body with black pillars that create a “floating roof” appearance. A subtle character line flows smoothly from the front to rear bumpers, creating an overall sense of strength and stability Nissan Dayz 2024 has a touch screen automatic air-conditioned automatic sliding side door, and a wide space cabin.

Nissan Dayz Car Price in Pakistan

Nissan Dayz Interior Pics

This is a Japanese-made vehicle and well interior design of this car is too gorgeous. On the other hand, many of the specs have been installed. They have inserted the gearbox in the middle of the dashboard where people can easily change the gear.

Nissan Dayz Roox

Nissan Dayz Fuel Average:

Basically, the engine power of this vehicle is 660cc. So consumption of this vehicle is too low even this vehicle is given the 20 to 25 KM under one-liter petrol. On a long route, this is perfect as per the fuel average. Now, in the latest models company is going to install a hybrid engine that will be fuel-efficient and give more performance to the customers.

  • 20 to 25 KM

Specifications of Nissan Dayz Roox:

Engine Capacity 660cc (official 659cc)
Driving Type Available in both Two Wheel Drive (2WD) and also Four Wheel Drive (4WD)
Steering Position Right-Hand Drive (on the right side of the car)
Transmission Type Automatic gear
Fuel  Gasoline(Petrol)
Passenger Capacity 4 (According to   Japanese law)
Engine Type 3B20. DOHC. 3Cylinders. 12 Valves
Number of Doors 5

The comfort level is high in Japanese-made vehicles as compared to locally assembled cars. Most importantly, all imported vehicles are fully loaded with the latest specifications and features. On the other hand, in small Japanese vehicles, the option of cruise control exists and people can use it on a long drive. For the safety of humans, they installed a bundle of airbags in every small car because when people do an accident then airbags automatically open and cover the passengers who sit in the car.

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