Honda Airwave Price in Pakistan 2024

Honda Airwave Price in Pakistan 2024
PKR 1,995,000-3,375,000
*Ex-Showroom Price in Pakistan

Engine (upto)
1,500 cc


Mileage (upto)

Honda is set to release the 2024 model of the Honda Airwave in Pakistan, merging sedan and hatchback features into a compact station wagon. Equipped with a 1.5-liter VTEC engine that produces 1496cc horsepower at 105nm torque, this model includes a 5-speed automatic transmission with an optional 2-speed manual. The new Airwave features a sporty, luxurious design, both inside and out, and comes with significant upgrades over its predecessors, making it a highly anticipated option for Pakistani consumers looking for reliability and style in their vehicle choice.

Honda Airwaves price depends on the model basis because this is an imported car and does not exist in applied for condition as well estimated price figure is going to be mentioned below.

Honda Airwaves Price in PKR PKR 1,995,000 to PKR 3,375,000

Honda Airwaves Overview


  • The frontal face looks like Honda City while the rear side is a hatchback which gives it a small station wagon look.
  • 2550mm wheelbase makes it a longer standard high-profile car with aerodynamic looks.
  • The frontal bumper has two cuts chrome traps, while the front grill is placed beneath the air in taker chrome traps.
  • Dynamic LED headlights are placed on the sharp edge of the bonnet with turning indicators.
  • Fog lamps are placed on the bottom edges of the front grill.
  • The doors’ sides are finished with some geometrical trims that add beauty to their outlooks.

Honda Airwave Price in Pakistan 2024

  • From the backside view, it is a sedan hatchback.
  • The rear door is upside open for maximum cargo space.
  • Tail lamps are curved inside out with body trims and the sleek and thin-shaped rear fog lamps are placed on the lower edges of the rear bumper on the right-left to the number plate area.
  • If you take an overall look, then you have a sedan small station wagon with dynamic looks in front of you.

Honda Airwave 2024 Latest Model Specification Features


Honda Airwave is designed with premium-level interiors. Comfortable and reclining seats are upholstered with trimmed two-tone leather and fabric which is so nice in looks and cheers up for sitting. The dashboard is cockpit-style which is quite deluxe with lots of powerful features. The right-hand driving seat has power steering with a tachometer and infotainment system with an 8-inch touchscreen LED with USB, Bluetooth, FM/ AM, and a Disk player option. Moreover, the front seats are equipped with safety features like accidental or hitting alerts, airbags, and seat belts. Furthermore, the interior is designed with black and light gray trimmed fabrics and plastic pieces of trim.

Honda Airwave Latest Model Interior Reviews Pictures

Key Features

  • Power Steering
  • Power Windows
  • Power Door locks
  • Power Mirrors
  • Immobilizer
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Infotainment Unit
  • Air Conditioner
  • Key Less Entry
  • Tachometer
  • Anti Lock Braking
  • AM/FM Radio
  • Bluetooth
  • Parking sensor
  • Rear camera
  • Moon Roof
  • Hatchback / Sedan
  • Front Engine 4WD


Engine 1.5 Liter VTEC
Displacement 1496cc
Max Power 109bhp
Max Torque 105Nm
No of Cylinder 5-cylinder
Bore x Stroke 74.0 x 89.5mm
Compression Ratio 10.4:2
Transmission 7-Speed CVT Automatic or 5-Speed Automatic
0-100 km/h 11.8secs
Top Speed 190 km/h

Dimensions & Weight

Kurb Weight 1190 kg
Length 4360 mm
Height 1525 mm
Width 1685 mm
Wheelbase 2560 mm
Track front 1475 mm
Track rear 1455 mm
Ground Clearance 170 mm

This is the latest imported vehicle of Honda and is now available in the market as well people can check the Honda Airwave Price in Pakistan 2024 from this page but this is approximate becasue it depends on the model and condition.

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