660cc Cars Fuel Consumption In Pakistan Petrol Average

On This page 660cc Cars Fuel Consumption In Pakistan Petrol Average details are available for all car lovers. In Pakistan, 660cc cars are turning out to be much and yet quite popular for being fuel efficient. They are also mentioned away to be cheaper in price and so as much easy to drive in dense traffic situations.These small-sized cars have been all set into the low-cost maintenance and no issues of putting it into the spare parts availability is witnessed that make it favourite among so many consumers in market world. Let’s discuss about the best 660cc cars fuel consumption in Pakistan!

660cc Cars Fuel Consumption In Pakistan Petrol Average

Suzuki Alto fuel average per liter

Suzuki Alto:

Suzuki Alto has been stated away to be one of the most popular tiny hatchbacks in Pakistan. With an access of the average fuel mileage of 15-17 KM/L and features like key less entry with power locks. It is also equipped with the range of conditioner, air-bags, and other safety measures that make it to be one of the most suitable car to drive on Pakistani roads.

Daihatsu Cuore 660cc fuel average

Daihatsu Cuore

It has been regarded to be best-imported cars that is all amongst its equivalents. All four models of this car are somehow has been available within 8 to 10 lac range all set with a tested fuel economy of around 23 KM/L on petrol. It also has the 3-cylinder engine with 5-speed manual transmission as it gives a powerful performance on the roads.

Honda N One fuel average

Honda N One

This car is all composed with the circular headlights that is all combined with the trapezium grille and rectangular shape that gives a complete distinctive styling to Honda N One. This front engine key car provides on with the sheer interior comfort to the passengers and has been set with the reasonable fuel consumption of up to 20KM/L.It has been equipped with the setting of the 0.66 Liter, DOHC 12 Valve 3-cylinder in line engine and also with the Gearbox of CVT Transmission.

Suzuki WagonR fuel average

Suzuki WagonR

Suzuki Wagon R has replaced with the smashing well known Suzuki Mehran to a large extent. This amazing imported model with 660cc engine facilitate with the access of the auto transmission and feature push start operation.The fuel average of 19-20KM/L makes it turned out to be one of the top favourite car to have with an aggressive front design that is all supported by the simple and natural rear. It offers on with the more head and leg room and ease than any other competitor Suzuki mini hatchback.

Daihatsu Mira ES fuel average

Daihatsu Mira ES

Daihatsu Mira (ES) is also known out to be most demanding Japanese import that gives out with the incredible fuel mileage up to 30KM/L. By exterior, it looks quite some sort of compact, but its luxurious interior has been all giving out the exemplary state of the art technology usage as according to the latest needs. It is best powered by 660cc KF, DOHC 12 Valves and so as the auto gear full meter touch. Plus it is also integrated with modern controlling and safety features. The high fuel efficiency and so as the better seating inside makes it top in rating.

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