Toyota New Model Corolla XLi price and Shape in Pakistan With interior Specs

Toyota New Model Corolla XLi Price in Pakistan PKR 1,624,000/-

Toyota Corolla has come in market in different styles and models and one of them is Toyota Corolla Xli. The company’s name brings good luck to your garage as this is one of the most beautiful cars that Toyota has designed. It has taken their great effort and without a single doubt if you will spend PKR 1,624,000 on this car then it is for sure you will get the accessories and style that really shows that your money was worth it. Toyota is a name of quality and wonderfulness and no doubt it will be the style and sophistication that you don’t want to miss on.

Pleasing Specifications:

The specifications that really make the car a wonder of the creator are as follows:

  • Engine of the car is of 1298 cc.
  • Transmission is Manual but with power steering it is just what you need.
  • Air conditioner, Power Windows, CD player, Driver Air Bag, ABS Brakes make the complete package for the car.
  • Leather Seats and Central Locking Tubeless Tires are the additional beautifying specs that you will enjoy in this car.
  • Overall Length, Width and Height (mm) of car is 4620 X 1775 X 1460 respectively which makes it a beauty.
  • Seating capacity in car is of 5 persons.
  • Alloy Wheels and the most wonderful Sun-Roof or also called as Moon-Roof is the quality that sets it apart from other cars that you might have used.
Model Specifications Price
Toyota corolla XLi Engine1298 cc PKR 1,624,000
Seating capacity 5 persons
Transmission Manual
Alloy Wheels Sun-Roof
Air conditioner, Power Windows, CD player, Driver Air Bag, ABS Brakes
Leather Seats
Central Locking Tubeless Tires
Length, Width and Height (mm)4620 X 1775 X 1460

Toyota Corolla Xli is the perfect car that has been made, all those specifications that you have always wanted in your car is now collected in one and now is your chance to enjoy the luxury and comfort combo with the style and panache. The Corolla Xli is the one car that you wouldn’t want to upgrade because it has already been settled to be the best of the bests.

Toyota has kept its reputation high with the help of launching this car and the other corolla models will also be the ones that have perfect combinations and Corolla Xli is one of the greatest ones that you got to buy and have a better drive.

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