Lamborghini Price in Pakistan 2024

Lamborghini Price in Pakistan 2024
*Ex-Showroom Price in Pakistan

Engine (upto)
6498 cc


Mileage (upto)
8 to 10 KM/L

Have you been in search of the Lamborghini Price in Pakistan 2024 Model? If yes, then you have actually reached the right destination because all through this blog post we would make you learn about some of the best and ideal models of Lamborghini that you should be driving right now. As talking about Lamborghini it is known as one of the well-known and reputable established companies on an international level in offering with best of the services of the Lamborghini models. This company has by far introduced so many fascinating car models whose interior and exterior design will make you fall in love with them. Although they are rather high in price for the ordinary person to purchase, they never compromise with their features access it! So let’s share a few details on Lamborghini Price Pakistan! Lamborghini car dealership details are also available here.

Model Price in PKR Price in Dollars
Aventador PKR 267,440,000 $507,353- $550,542
Countach PKR 38,750,800 $2,640,000
Diablo PKR 70,000,000 $297,977
Espada PKR 40,000,000 $105,232
Gallardo PKR 22,019,500 $130,770
Huracan PKR 156,717,000 $249865-$348,773
Islero PKR 40,000,000 $286,748
Jalpa PKR 40,000,000 $92,595

Note: These prices have been updated in February 2024 as well as all prices are approximate, not exact. Further, when people import into Pakistan from another country they first pay import duties and then drive.

Lamborghini 2024 Price in Pakistan

These cars are not available in Pakistan but internationally they are priced as mentioned below This model has been powered by the 821 cm3 Testastretta twin-cylinder that has been now increased to 937 cm3.  Moreover, it has been put together with the Testastretta 11° engine that on the whole guarantees the access feature of the maximum power of 113 hp and most of all a 10% increase in torque. This does add to the feature of the twin-cylinder is rather put with the attachment of the steel tube Trellis frame.

Lamborghini AventadorAventador

Lamborghini Countach


Lamborghini Diablo


Lamborghini Espada


Lamborghini Gallardo


Lamborghini Huracan


Lamborghini Islero


Lamborghini Jalpa


Lamborghini Price in Pakistan 

The range is equipped by means of the Safety Pack. It is added with the 3-level ABS, 8 levels of traction control, and also the 3 Riding Modes. It does have involvement of the extreme level of fuel efficiency too.  This car has been turning out to be the main attraction of buyers because of its so many amazing features. It is much smoother and more comfortable to drive on rough tough roads very easily. You will find it a worthwhile car to drive right now!


This model has been all rather put together in the greater sum of sophistication. The interior is making you offer out with the standard Black colored fabric. The features of the 3rd Generation of alto are carried out to be hence dual front airbags, plus the power Windows, as well as a CD player with AUX and USB slot and Power mirrors. Moreover, people are comparing the interior of this vehicle is the same BMW i8 which is not the same.

Lamborghini Interior


The front end has been put together with the involvement of the large trapezium-styled side-swept headlights. It also adds up with the trapezium grille with a chrome accent. You can even view the taste of the trapezium air intake, and dual-standard circular fog lights. The rear end is offered with the roof spoiler that has been stacked with rectangular vertical side swept taillights. The Lamborghini Price is very high from the beginning as it is a sports car.Lamborghini Exterior


Model Diablo Diablo VT Diablo SE 30
Year of production 1990-98 1993-98 1994-95
No. produced All types: 2,884 units All types: 2,884 units 150 units
Layout Mid-engined, Rwd Mid-engined, 4wd Mid-engined, Rwd
Size (L / W / H / WB) (mm) 4460 / 2040 / 1105 / 2650 4460 / 2040 / 1105 / 2650 4460 / 2040 / 1105 / 2650
Engine V12, DOHC, 4v/cyl V12, DOHC, 4v/cyl V12, DOHC, 4v/cyl
Capacity 5707 cc 5707 cc 5707 cc
Power 492 hp / 7000 rpm 492 hp / 7000 rpm 525 hp / 7000 rpm
Torque 428 lbft / 5200 rpm 428 lbft / 5200 rpm 428 lbft / 5200 rpm
Gearbox 5M 5M 5M
Suspensions All: double-wishbones All: double-wishbones All: double-wishbones
Tires (F/R) 235/40ZR17 / 335/35ZR17 235/40ZR17 / 335/35ZR17 245/40ZR17 / 335/35ZR18
Weight 1620 kg 1662 kg 1512 kg
Top speed 202 mph/ 203 mph 202 mph (c) 207 mph (c)
0-60 mph 4.5 sec 5.1 sec 4.2 sec
0-100 mph 9.6 sec 10.8 sec 9.3 sec
Model Diablo SV Diablo GT Diablo 6.0 VT
Year of production   1995-98 (1998-99) 1999 2000-01
No. produced All types: 2,884 units 80 units All types: 2,884 units
Layout Mid-engined, Rwd Mid-engined, Rwd Mid-engined, 4wd
Size (L / W / H / WB) (mm) 4470 / 2040 / 1115 / 2650 4430 / 2040 / 1115 / 2650 4470 / 2040 / 1105 / 2650
Engine V12, dohc, 4v/cyl, (VVT). V12, dohc, 4v/cyl, VVT. V12, dohc, 4v/cyl, VVT,
variable exhaust.
Capacity 5707 cc 5992 cc 5992 cc
Power 510hp/7100rpm (530hp/7100rpm) 575 hp / 7300 rpm 550 hp / 7100 rpm
Torque 428lbft/5200rpm (450lbft/5500rpm) 465 lbft / 5500 rpm 458 lbft / 5500 rpm
Gearbox 5M 5M 5M
Suspensions All: double-wishbones All: double-wishbones All: double-wishbones
Tires (F/R) 245/40ZR17 / 335/30ZR18
(245/40ZR18 / 335/30ZR18)
245/35ZR18 / 335/30ZR18 235/35ZR18 / 335/30ZR18
Weight 1567 kg (1552 kg) 1525 kg 1690 kg (est)
Top speed 186 mph (c) (208 mph (c)) 210 mph (c) 208 mph (c)
0-60 mph 4.2 sec (4.3 sec) 4.4 sec / 4.0 sec 4.3 sec/ 3.4 sec (note)
0-100 mph 9.5 sec (9.0 sec) 8.7 sec / 8.0 sec 8.2 sec / 8.4 sec

This is the complete information about Lamborghini Price in Pakistan which is much higher as compared to other vehicles. On the other hand, if you are interested in this vehicle then import it from another country.

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