BMW i8 Price in Pakistan 2023 Specs Features

We are sharing BMW i8 Price in Pakistan 2023 Specs Features Interior Exterior Pictures Reviews. BMW i8 2023 is mentioned to be a plug-in hybrid sports car developed by BMW and is one of the two products that has been on the whole offered by “BMW i”. It is all defined as a sub-brand of BMW like Mini. After i3, i8 is coming out to be the second offering of BMW i. The car was on the whole first introduced as the BMW Concept Vision Efficient Dynamics at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in the year 2009. BMW i8 2015 was released in June 2014 in the place of Germany.

BMW i8 Price in Pakistan 2023

BMW i8 launched and is available in Pakistan as well every one seeking the BMW i8 Price in Pakistan 2023. The approximate price of the BMW i8 is given below. Officially BMW company does not operate in Pakistan but some people who import from other countries now are selling.

BMW i8 Coupe Price in PKR PKR 10,000,060
BMA i8 Roadster Price in PKR PKR 36,000,000

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BMW i8 2022 new features

BMW i8 Exterior Designing:

BMW i8 hence comes out with a 1.5l turbocharged internal combustion engine. The engine is on the whole capable of producing around 228 bhp. The electric motor of the car can provide a way to produce 128 bhp. It has the combined power of both the combustion engines and so as the electric motor is 356 bhp. It is all considering the car weighs less than 1500 kg, as to be 356 bhp is more than enough.

New 2022 BMW

BMW i8 Interior:

In interior design, it is being offered away with zero to sixty in under 4.5 seconds and can touch the top speed of 250 km/h. The fuel average and so as the placement of the all-electric range of BMW i8 cars differs in the UK and the USA. BMW i8 on top of the battery power can last as long as the access of 37 kilometers in Europe, but the range drops to the limit of around 25 kilometers in the United States.

Also, in the UK, the combined fuel average of the car is mentioned to be around 2.1L/100 km but the average goes down to the limit of around 3.1L/100 km in the United States. The difference is due to the different forms of environmental protection laws in both regions.

BMW i8 Specifications:

  • It is all settled with the butterfly doors and generous use of LED lights.
  • BMW i8 is put with a 1.5l turbocharged internal combustion engine.
  • It highlights the access of the electric motor is 356 bhp.

BMW i8 2022

All the specifications along with interior and exterior design are mentioned. As well as the final price has not been declared by the official while after seeing this car everyone wants to wish because looks so fabulous as compared to other models and sports cars.

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