Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan 2023

Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan 2023
PKR 144,900
*Ex-Showroom Price in Pakistan

Engine (upto)
70 cc

Kick Start

Mileage (upto)
50 KM/L

Since the forecaster is a result of the reviewer of the automobile business, a similar will be taking place along with the newest Honda CD 70 2023. Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan 2023 has been revealed a few days back. This bike has been made with accommodation for the Japanese auto company. Since it is a forerunner, the latest model is definitely to get a warmhearted greeting from Honda lovers from all over the country. It’s famous because the forthcoming edition is going to be ready along with a lot more highly developed machinery for superior presentation to provide the customers with an amazing and efficient drive.

Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan 2023

Today Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan 2023 is PKR 144,900/ {Updated}. This is the latest updated price for the Honda CD 70 model which is one of the most used bikes in Pakistan and all over the country.

Honda has managed to gather a strong customer base in Pakistan by providing their customers with different products of good quality from the beginning of time.

Honda 70 2023 Model Price in Pakistan
PKR 144,900

Honda 70 Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Good Fuel Average
  • Resale Quickly
  • All Spare parts easily available in the Market
  • Old Shape
  • Build Quality not Good
  • Old and Traditional Features

Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan 2022


The engine was constantly upgraded and modified. In 1984 the bike was released as Honda CD 70. The bike comes with a variety of changing logo stickers, and Euro 2 technology in 2012 as the company made many changes in the shape of the engine, carburetor, and rear signals which now were moved lower near the backlight to make it different from others local brands of bikes which were copying its design and shape.

Honda CD 70 is the first choice of Pakistani boys, working men, and others. The New CD 70 bike gives a perfect blend of advanced Japanese technology along with a beautiful design. In addition to its established superiority in terms of durability, quality, and fuel economy as well.

Honda CD 70 proves to be a lifetime asset for its customers as they introduce a 3-year warranty system. Atlas Honda’s extensive dealership network makes the motorcycle and its parts, available at your doorstep. Its countrywide warranty facilitates and provides you with trouble-free companionship on your smooth and easy drive. After reading all specs and features the price of the Honda cd70 is not too high because some people said that this bike is increased many high prices. Further, Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan 2023 discusses in the above table.

Honda CD 70 2023 Model Sticker

For the information of the people who are going to buy a new honda cd 70 bike but now they are finding the Honda 70 New Sticker 2023. So the latest sticker of this bike is mentioned on this page and those people who want to take and see the picture from below the page.
Honda CD 70 New Model Sticker 2023

Honda CD 70 Fuel Average

Honda CD 70 Fuel Mileage is important to know for everyone because the company changed many specs in this model. Moreover, Honda CD 70 fuel consumption has increased due to the new engine.

  • 50 KM

Atlas Honda Limited (AHL) has increased the price of 70cc bikes in Pakistan for the latest new models of 2023 According to details. The prices of this bike have increased if we compare these prices with the prices of last year. There are different reasons why the prices of these bikes have increased. Honda has maintained its services and has designed bikes with new shapes and colors so that customers may have a lovely experience.


Honda CD 70 Features and Specifications

Model Honda CD 70 2023 Colors:

This bike comes in two colors that are black and red. Customers can choose the color according to their taste and enjoy the ride of their new bike,

  • Black color
  • Red color

Honda 70 Specifications, Features

In the table below we have discussed all the features of this bike launched by Honda for the year 2023 so that customers may have all the knowledge of the bike before buying and can check each and everything in detail before buying it.

Engine 4-Stroke OHC Air Cooled
Displacement 72 cm3
Bore & Stroke 47.0 x 41.4 mm
Compression Ratio 8.8:1
Clutch Multiple Wet Plates
Transmission 4 Speed Constant Mesh
Starting Kick Start
Frame Backbone Type
Dimension(LxWxH) 1897 x 751 x 1014 mm
Ground Clearance 136 mm
Petrol Capacity 8.5 Liters (Reserve: 1.0 Liter)
Tire at Front 2.25 – 17 (4 PR)
Tire at Back 2.50 – 17 (4 PR)
Dry Weight 82kg

Now, surely you will be ready to buy this bike after seeing such an amazing feature of this bike. Honda bikes are the most used bikes in Pakistan because of the excellent performance of these bikes all over the world. Further, we have mentioned the Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan 2023 above and people can get it from this page.

Honda 70 Fuel Tank Capacity

Most important because everyone wants to know about Honda 70 Fuel Tank Capacity in Liters. So, the fuel tank capacity is here below.

  • 8.5 Liters

Black color is much popular in Honda 70 bikes but some people find the Honda 70 Price in Pakistan 2023 Black Colour. A motorbike is one of the best options for people and those who are going to buy a new bike. They can take the price of this motorbike because every year company revises the motorbike price.


What is the price of the Honda CD 70?

People are finding Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan 2023 that is PKR 144,900, as well as this, is the showroom price while many of the dealers are handing and those people who are going to buy a new CD 70 much check their price.

Which 70CC bike is best in Pakistan 2023?

Many people are confused about whicH 70CC bike is best. So the honda CD 70 is one of the best bikes. Millions of people are using this product in Pakistan as well as quality-wise this bike is too strong while the mileage is outstanding Honda CD 70.

How much horsepower does a Honda CD 70 have?

The horsepower of this bike is 5.19Ps at 7500 rpm as well as you can confirm from the official page of Honda CD 70cc.

Does Honda still make a 70?

Yes, honda company is making still 70cc bikes, as well as they, have launched a new model of 70cc with a new sticker. Furthermore, when they will close the manufacturer of this bike then they will officially announce and then close.

What is the fuel capacity of the Honda CD 70?

This is a fuel-efficient bike, as well as many people, are using it and are satisfied with its performance. No, doubt many of the other companies have come to Pakistan and made the 70cc but they do not give the fuel-efficient engine that is giving the Honda Company.

How many gears does a CD 70 have?

There is only four gear that exists in this bike but some people are telling differently which is completely wrong. On the other hand, some other honda models have existed that give five gears but the engine power of these bikes is above 100cc.

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