Unique Bikes Prices in Pakistan 2020 70CC 100CC 125CC with Specs Features New Model

Unique is a new company in market in regard to many other. Unique Bikes Prices in Pakistan 2020 for 70cc, 100cc, 110cc, 125cc specifications features detail also here. It was formed in 2004 and since then their vehicles have really touched the hearts of people. The bikes by D.S. Motors are known for their quality and being stylish. If you are the one who is looking forward to buy the bike that fulfills all your needs of being good looking and also well-crafted then the unique bikes are the one they have been stylized for the needs of every person. All the people can choose to have the bikes according to their wish.

Unique Bikes Prices in Pakistan 2020:

Below are the prices of few models launched by Unique for the year 2020 so that they can have a new driving experience.

Unique UD 70 47,000 PKR
Unique UD 100 85,500 PKR
Unique UD 125 75,500 PKR
Unique Crazer UD 150 170,000 PKR

If you consider the prices of these bikes you will find these bikes most economical according to features and shape.

As compared to other bike brands it quality may be not so good but Unique is currently trying to improve its bikes by adding more features and new shape design as they have done in their 2020 models

Unique 70cc bikes:

Unique UD 7O is a 4 stroke bike with the 4.2 KW Power is the one that is used by all those people who need the power of 70cc engine to drive them around. It has very powerful front light and looks a lot like a conventional bike but sure is very attractive looking for someone new to bike driving. You can purchase this bike in From your nearest bike dealer.

Unique bikes Prices in Pakistan

Unique 100cc bikes:

Unique UD 100 is a 100cc bike by Unique that has 4 stroke engine is a great addition to the unique bikes list. This bike can be bought by any nearest bike dealer near you. With the self-start system and the sporty look it sure is the bike that every youngster would want to put their hands on. This bike has 4-speed transmission with 4-stroke air cooled engine that makes it a complete bike for you to ride on.

Unique bikes Prices in Pakistan

Unique 125cc bikes:

Unique UD-125 is another powerful engine of 4-stroke technology laced up with the 125cc capacity is just one of the excellent additions to the bikes that are made by Unique. The company has excelled in the making of bikes and the epitome of it in the present time is Unique 125cc bike.

Unique bikes Prices in Pakistan

Unique company is trying to produce bikes that are more and more comfortable for people. So if you are looking forward to bring a change to your bike riding then Unique is the one that will really bring out the spirit to drive.

Unique Bikes Prices in Pakistan 2020 is mentioned here with new models features shape style. But if you have any further information about Unique bikes in Pakistan then share your lines in comments section below.


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