Super Power SP 125 Price in Pakistan 2021 New Model Shape Specs Features Pics Detail

Superpower is producing quality bikes for several years. Super Power SP 125 price in Pakistan 2021 latest new model features specifications detail shape pics are here. Superpower SP-125 is the new model in the SP range. It is one of those models that are modified to the newest time technologies. It is assuming one of the best bikes that Pirani Group of companies has introduced in the market. The company has held its head high in dealing for two-wheelers and three-wheelers and Superpower SP-125 being the newest model in two-wheelers.

Super Power SP 125 Price in Pakistan 2021:

The price of this bike in Pakistan is 75,000 PKR the quality will be just average as it is a China bike but you will be able to use all features of the 125cc engine.

Super Power SP 125 Price in Pakistan 2020 New Model Shape Specs Features Pics Detail


Super Power SP 125 Specifications and Features:

With an economical price in the market Superpower, SP-125 has the following specifications that make it the best among other bikes.

  • The engine of the bike is a Single Cylinder and4 Stroke technology that is accompanied wit hair-cooling property. The model of the engine is SP-125.
  • Bore-Stroke of the bike is 56.5 x 49.5 (mm)
  • Piston Displacement of bike that makes up for another good feature is 124 cc
  • The Compression Ratio of the bike is best being 9:1
  • The maximum Power that the bike takes is 8.0/8500(kw/r/min)
  • The transmission system in the bike is Chain Drive.
  • The ignition Type that makes it super good and classy is C.D.I
  • The starter System is not much modified and is a Kick starter.
  • THE total L x W x H of the bike is 2045x680x1120
  • Ground Clearance of the bike is 175
  • The dry Weight of the bike is 120 KG which makes it a heavy bike but also perfect for people who are not used to drive heavy bikes.
  • Brakes on Front/Rear both are Drum
  • The tire size of the Front is 2.75- 18
  • The tire size of the Rear is 3.25- 18
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 12
  • Engine Oil Capacity is 1.1 L which is lesser than many other bikes making it economical for people.
  • Load Capacity that the bike and bear easily is 150 KG making it the best one for the people.
  • The speed at which the bike drives is 90 KM
  • The battery of 12 Volts is used in the bike.

With better performance and reliability, the bike Superpower SP-125 is the one that is getting ahead of technology. The Italian technology merger has really made this bike a phenomenal one and the inspiration for many other bike companies to bring to the market something more like it. The maximized torque and international standard quality is what sets Pirani bikes apart and make them the leaders of two-wheelers that are the bikes. The older version of bikes has been wonders of their time and Superpower SP-125 is the new innovation.

Super Power SP 125 Price in Pakistan 2021 latest model with features specification detail new shape mileage fuel efficiency information is available here. If you have any superb idea for SP 125 new model then must share in the comments section below.

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