Hero 125 Price in Pakistan 2018 Specs Features Shape Pics

Hero 125 Price in Pakistan 2018 = PKR. 70,000/.

Hero bikes have class and style that no other bikes possess. These bikes are excellent when it comes to reliability and long-term usage. This bike is a complete mixture of heavy bikes and also of the casual bikes that people buy. It is useful for people to get the bike that takes care of their needs that also include sprucing up their style as the drive it. Hero 125 is one of those bikes that are taking care of the needs of people in all aspect. You need quality merged with the efficiency and also graceful look then the Hero 125 Price in Pakistan 2018 Specs Features should be your choice right away.

Hero 125 Price in Pakistan 2018 Specs Features Shape Pics

The bike designed by Hero Company is such as for the youngsters who love bikes and want to show off to be classy and great outlook. This is when you should right away make a choice to have the Hero 125 the model of 2018. A new year and a new bike in style is the one thing that all the bikers demand for. The price of the bike is 70,000/. PKR. which is quite normal.

 Hero 125 Price in Pakistan 2018

Hero 125 Price in Pakistan 2018 Specs Features Shape Pics

Features of Hero 125 Bike

There are many things that combined together give a complete bike. Many small things make up a great wonder. The Hero125 bike is the one that has following qualities or specs:

  1. Engine of the bike is modified to present technology that is 4 Stroke.
  2. The Displacement of the bike is 125cc
  3. Transmission that this bike has is also refined to 5 Speed
  4. Petrol Capacity of bike is 10L and it is the limit where you can have it classified as a heavy bike too. Because with this capacity when you see at the look of the bike it seems like sporty.
  5. Dry Weight of the bike is 120Kg and it is also one of the features that make it a sporty bike too.

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