Ghazi Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024

This is the basic need of the farmer who is using 24 hours in crops while many of the people use the tractor in the construction field because they deliver the construction things like Burks and some other things. So those people who want to know about Ghazi Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024 start from PKR 2,194,000 to PKR 4,575,000. We have mentioned their latest and current models along with their correct price information. Moreover, you can catch up with their specifications and features info too. It is true that Ghazi Tractor Limited is one of the well-established and renowned tractor manufacturing companies. In addition, AGTL is currently manufacturing tractors right under the umbrella of New Holland technology. Their tractors are quite popular and high in demand because of their energy efficiency.

Ghazi Tractor Price in Pakistan Today

The tractor is one of the most important things for two departments one is farming and the second is construction. A bundle of the models has launched and now people are seeking Ghazi Tractor Models Price in Pakistan 2024. Further, the specification of the engine and features of the tractors of Al-Ghazi going to be mentioned below. Before the showroom must one time check the price and review the specs from this page.

Model New Price
NH-480s PKR 2,194,000
NH-480 Power Plus PKR 2,278,000
NH-Ghazi PKR 2,550,000
NH-640 PKR 3,325,000
NH Dabung PKR 3,430,000
NH-70-56 4WD PKR 4,575,000

Al Ghazi Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024

Specifications of Ghazi Tractor

  • There are lots of improved specifications and features that are seen in these Al-Ghazi tractor models 2024. Here you can have a look at the details:
  • These latest Al-Ghazi tractor models have Iron rear axle tubes. There is an addition of a spacer right between the gearbox as well as an axle case. Moreover, these tractors have a strong and intense range of rear hydraulic links installed in them.
  • They are packed with a Thermo starter or heat plug element in them. You can even see that these models have Halogen tube headlights. And also impressive kind of Front and rear indicators! They have General company tyres and that is another great quality of them.
  • The operating weight of Al-Ghazi tractors is around and about 1785 kg. Regarding their clutch, it is of dual plate type. In other words, their clutch is of pure dry type. These clutches come with separate controls.

Al-Ghazi Tractor Features

  • You might be wondering what the transmission details of Al-Ghazi tractors are, here you can see that! Note that their gearbox comes and is injected with constant-mesh gears. Most importantly, their gears show 8 forward and 2 reverse speeds.
  • Their hoods are embossed and embedded with a side-hinged cover. With the help of this cover, you can go for an engine inspection as well. You can easily remove the front grill element of these tractors. Upon removing this front grill, it will be easy for you to air-clean your tractor battery.
  • These Al Ghazi tractors have a 3-position halogen kind of headlamps. It is right there on these tractors’ dashboards that you will see the presence of a Blue beam warning light. Moreover, these tractors have a Low oil pressure warning light and Direction Indicators as also parking and Hazard lights.
  • Their Pump capacity is 22.7 1/min. On the other hand, the Relief valve opening pressure offered by them is 150-170 kg/cm2. These tractors show Manual response control. And the maximum lifting capacity shown by them is 1,650 kg.

All the specification and features of the Al-Ghazi Tractors has been mentioned while you can gather all the knowledge. Most importantly, this vehicle is perfect for the farming and construction departments. Further when they announce the new update about Ghazi Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024 then we will update this page.

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