Best Motorcycle Oil Brand In Pakistan 2021 Prices

Here we are sharing Best Motorcycle Oil Brand In Pakistan 2021 Prices. Engine oil plays a vital role in the performance of any engine even it’s a bike. There are various motorbike engine oil companies are existing in Pakistan but all are not suitable for your bike because of their viscosities. Most of us depend upon the mechanic suggestion about buying oil. But I always suggest that you must use that one that technically matches with an engine. If you are using perfect engine oil for a bike then the engine will give maximum performance as well as extra mileage.

So never use ordinary oil and just choose from this list of best Motorcycle oil brands in Pakistan 2021.

Best Motorcycle Oil Brand In Pakistan 2021 Prices:

Havoline 320-2000 PKR
Zic 380-5000 PKR
Castrol 320-3500 PKR

These two are among the most used oil brands in Pakistan. The price ranges are different according to the engine of the bike.

These brands are producing dual viscosity oils that are not so thick and not so thin which makes them perfect for every season. Scroll down this page now and get the details about which engine oil will be perfect for your bike according to the displacement and rate of suspension.

Best Motorcycle Oil Brand Caltex Havoline Engine Oil

Best Motorcycle Oil Brand Caltex Havoline Engine Oil:

If you have a 70cc, 100cc, or 125cc motorcycle then Caltex would be the best motorcycle oil brand. It’s a 20W-50 viscosity fully synthetic engine oil that suits both hot and cold weather. 20w-50 means that the oils are not so thick and also not so thin. The flow rate of this oil is perfect to fold away inside the engine during running. If you buy the original product from an authorized dealer then you will notice that how beautifully your bike will respond your bike in smooth running, extra mileage, and of course, it’s long-lasting.

Best Motorcycle Oil Brand In Pakistan 2021 Prices

Best Motorcycle Oil Brand Zic Oil:

After Caltex, the name of Zic engine oil comes on the top of the list of best motorcycle oil brands in Pakistan 2021. It is also a 100% synthetic engine oil which is a little bit thinner than the Caltex. The best viscosity rate of Zic 70cc, 100cc, and 125cc is 20W-40 (VHVI Tech). Zic motorbike engine oils are coming in three different viscosities and bottles such as; Zic M7 (for 125cc, 150cc), Zic 4T (for 70cc and 100cc), and Zic M5 (perfect for 70cc, 100cc, and 125cc but not for 150 or plus). Zic and Caltex are the best and perfect engine oil but you must make sure the viscosity flowing thickness.

Best Motorcycle Oil Brand Castrol

Best Motorcycle Oil Brand Castrol:

Castrol is a very famous name among the best engine oils for motorbikes in Pakistan for many years. The company has accumulated two different types of Castrol engine oil for motorbikes; Castrol Power1 and Castrol Active. Castrol Power1 is coming with the tag of GTX which is clearly mentioned on the bottle. Whenever you buy Castrol engine oil for 70cc, 100cc, or 125cc you must ask for Castrol GTX and confidently insert this oil in your bike’s engine to get superior acceleration and less friction to generate maximum power and mileage.

Well besides these best motorcycle oil brands in Pakistan 2021, there are various engine oil brands like; Honda Engine Oil, Shell Advance 10W-30, Total Hi-PERF (20W40), and Kixx Ultra 4T SJ, etc. But I have personally tried all these oils but what satisfaction and performance I get from Caltex Havoline and Zic, I did never get from any other engine oil. Besides these, if you have your own suggestion for others please share your experience with others. Thank You! You can share the Best Motorcycle Oil Brand In Pakistan 2021 Prices then yes you can do it.

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