Toyota iQ 2021 Model Price in Pakistan Specs Features Review Mileage Details Pics

Toyota iQ 2021 is presented in Pakistan by Toyota Japan. Toyota iQ 2021 Model Price in Pakistan is available here. It is a transverse engine, a front-wheel-drive city car. Toyota iQ 2021 Model Price in Pakistan The Toyota IQ is noted for its specialized engineering to maximize passenger space, while amazing exterior length. The Toyota iQ 2021 is designed is unique and sleek, squeezing four seats into a car not much longer than two sets smart for two. It is easy to park. It has also a sharp turning circle, so it can negotiate the tightest roads with ease. Toyota iQ is available of two small petrol engine a 1.0L and a 1.3L. The most popular engine is the 1.0L with a manual gearbox. In town the Toyota iQ’s light steering, excellent visibility, and sharp turning circle allow it to perform U-turns.

Toyota iQ 2021 Model Price in Pakistan:

The price of this car in Pakistan is 15-20 Lac. There are variations in its price because it is an imported car.

Toyota iQ 2020 Model Price in Pakistan Specs Features Review Mileage Details Pics

Incredibly, Toyota has squeezed nine airbags into Toyota iQ, including the world’s first airbag designed to cover the rear window, protecting rear-seat passengers. It’s reassuring for so much standard safety equipment to be fitted in the car of this.

Toyota iQ 2021 Specifications

The specifications of this car are as follows:


Engine Model 1KR-FE Cylinders
Maximum Power 68ps(50kW)/6000rpm Maximum Torque 9.2kg?m(90N?m)/4800rpm
Displacement 996cc Bore×Stroke 71.0mm×83.9mm
Compression Ratio 10.5 Charger
Fuel Supply Equipment Fuel Tank Equipment 32L
Fuel Type


Steering System Minimum Turning Radius 3.9m
Suspension System(front) Suspension System(rear)
Braking System(front) Braking System(rear)
Tires Size(front) 175/65R15 Tires Size(rear) 175/65R15


Driving Wheel FF Gear_ratio 1st Gear
Transmission   2nd Gear
LSD   3rd Gear
  4th Gear
  Reverse 2.505
Final Drive Gear Ratio 5.403

These were all the specifications of this car that is to be launched in Pakistan soon.

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  1. Please tell us the price of this car and also from where we can get it and is it mini or huge and is it for kids ? Reply me soon


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