Togg Electric Car Price In Pakistan 2021

Togg is a Turkish company. Here we will discuss Togg Electric car price in Pakistan 2021. Before discussing about this car let me tell you that before launch of this car Turkey was completely dependent on foreign car brands. But now it has launched its own car named as Togg. The most important and liked thing of this car is that it is an electric car which is a best step against environmental pollution. The competition of cars are getting tough in market these days. The company is also make an electric sedan which will be revealed inn future soon

Togg Electric Price in Pakistan 2021:

The price of this car will be available here as soon as the company makes an official announcement regarding the launch date as well as price of this car.

Togg Electric Price in Pakistan 2020

Togg Electric Car Launch date 2021:

The launching date of this car is not yet announced officially but it will take time as it is the 1st car which has been made by Turkey. The exterior of this car resemble with Audi as well as Porsche as we know that this cars come in category of luxury cars.

Togg Electric Car Charging Time 2021:

This car comes with quick charging technology which will charge the car up to 80% in time duration of under 30 minutes only.

 Togg Electric Car Exterior:

The exterior of this car is well equipped and resembles the exterior of Porsche which has made car users more curious about this car. When we look at the front grill and alloy rims of this car it seems that it has been made inspired by Tulip flower. It is available in different unique colors which makes it look more attractive.

Togg Electric Car Exterior

Togg Electric Car Interior:

Like the exterior the interior of this car is also well designed with all the necessary features that a user need for a reliable driving experience. According to the company officials the technology installed in this car is user-oriented and the interior of this car as a wide seating capacity to travel long distances easily without any problem. Its comfortable seats makes your ride more reliable.

Togg Electric Car Interior

Togg Electric Car Features:                          

The features of this car includes:

  • Power Windows
  • Power Mirrors
  • Power Steering
  • Slow Traffic Pilot

These are all the features that are revealed up till now.

Togg Electric Car Specifications:

The specifications of this car are as follows:

  • Quick charge technology
  • 300 & 500 Km battery options
  • All-wheel drive
  • Rear wheel drive
  • 400 horsepower for all AWD
  • 200 horsepower for all 4WD

These were all the things regarding this car. Togg Electric Price in Pakistan 2021 will be here as soon as the company makes an official announcement regarding this car.

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