Mazda RX8 Price in Pakistan 2024

RX8 model of Mazda available in Pakistan but in used condition. Officially company has not launched but people who like it import from another country and sell into the local automobile market. Now, the Mazda RX8 Price in Pakistan 2024 approximately exists.

  • Base Grade: PKR 1,800,000
  • Spirit R: PKR 2,000,000
  • Type E: PKR 2,140,000
  • Type S: PKR 2,600,000
  • Rotary Engine 40TH Anniversary: PKR 3,130,000
  • Type E Sport Prestige Limited II: PKR 3,720,000

Around 6 Variants introduce in this car but just import 2 or 3 in Pakistan. Furthermore, the engine power of RX8 is 2.3L in all models that have been introduced worldwide. Moreover, the price depends on the outer body condition, engine, and model. In Pakistan, few models imported are famous, and if you are interested in buying then must visit the local automobile market.

Mazda RX8 Price in Pakistan 2024

The Mazda RX8 Basic variant price is PKR 1,800,000 and the top-of-line variant price is PKR 3,720,000. Furthermore, all model names which launched in the international market.

Model Approx Price
Mazda RX8 Price in Pakistan PKR 1.8 Million to PKR 3.7 Million

Mazda RX8 Price in Pakistan 2024

Important Facts Related to Mazda RX8

Seating Capacity 4-Person
Battery Size Medium Size
Cruise Control N/A
Tyre Size 225/45 R18
Ground Clearance 125mm
Engine Oil Capacity 7.5 Liters
No. of Airbags No Info
Sunroof Yes
Tachometer No Info
Entry Keyless

Rx8 Specifications

A few specs are totally different in Rx8 which has been 1st time introduced in this model. All unique specs which first time exist are listed below.

Engine Displacement 1308 Cc
Horsepower 250 hp
Maximum Torque 216 Nm
Seating Capacity 4 Person
Boot Space 290 L
Dimension Length: 4325mm

Width:  1780mm

Height: 1330mm

Rx8 Interior

Mazda RX8 interior

Mazda Rx8 Colors

Sports vehicle Rx8 was released with 11 colors but in Pakistan, it is available in a few colors which is highly demandable.

  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Grey

Top Speed

Mostly young generation like Mazda Rx8 and everybody knows the top speed which is 180 to 240 kmph. Moreover, in the category of racing some famous racers already prefer this vehicle.

Top Speed 180 to 240 km

Fuel Average

In Pakistan, petrol prices are high so that’s why people must check the Mazda Rx8 Fuel mileage which is 8 to 11 km.

Fuel Consumption 8 to 11 km


  • 6 Airbags
  • Navigation
  • Traction Control
  • ABS
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Fog Lights
  • Power Windows

Everything has been updated related Mazda RX8 Price in Pakistan 2024. Everybody seeking the latest generation which does not exist in Pakistan because it is much expensive. Moreover, you can buy old old-generation Mazda Rx8 from the local market. Furthermore, if a company officially launches in Pakistan then we will talk to the audience on this page.

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