Rinco Aria Car Price In Pakistan 2024

Rinco Aria electric vehicle has been launched in Pakistan as well starting price of this vehicle is mentioned in the table. On the other hand, there are different positive and negative aspects because if we discuss the positive points this is much fuel efficient because this is fully electric. In addition, different driving modes have been installed like sports and others. In addition, the AC is not excellent because the front two passengers can easily survive while previous passengers cannot survive on this car’s AC. Further, other specifications and features of this car are going to be listed below along with the Rinco Aria car price in Pakistan 2024.

Rinco Aria Car Price in Pakistan 2024

Rinco Aria price starts from 24 lac rupees but under this price, many other assembled vehicles exist in Pakistan. Further, the first electric car came to Pakistan and now the company will test in Pakistan.

Rinco Aria car price PKR 2400000

Rinco Aria Car Price In Pakistan


Rinco Aria Booking In Pakistan

Officially, the company will launch this vehicle in Pakistan in the month of August but we have gathered the launch dates through different sources. Moreover, if the company launches an official date, then we will share this price.

  • Update Soon

Battery Size

17kwh battery installed in this vehicle along with a single motor. Most important if you drive in sports mode then the vehicle will consume more power as compared to the normal mode.

  • 17kwh

Charging Time

People know about its charging time because some electric vehicles charge within a few hours. So, the timing of electric vehicle charge is 6 hours according to some customers who are using.

  • 6 Hours


The size of this car is small as well Rinco Aria dimension is written below.

Length 3380 mm
Width 1520 mm
Height 1590 mm

Rinco Aria Launch Date In Pakistan

Basically, this vehicle does not launch in Pakistan but as per some rumors, this vehicle is going to launch in the month of August 2024. Moreover, if this vehicle launches successfully in the month of August, then we will update because govt of Pakistan has banned all imported products including cars.

  • August 2024

The comfort level of this car is not much better while the Air conditioner of this car does not cool high. Further, the overall built quality of this car is not perfect according to price. This is the latest info about those who have received Rinco Aria car price in Pakistan 2024 mentioned in the above table.

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