How to Check Car Owner Name in Pakistan

People who want to know car owner details are seeking How to check a car owner’s name in Pakistan. The excise department publically introduced a portal where you can enter just some information then complete details regarding the car will show on your screen. On the other hand, mostly when people buy a used car and it transfers to their name they check. Now, the excise department has updated the online current status of your transfer process.  Further, details about how to check car owner name in Pakistan are listed below.

How to Check Car Owner Name in Pakistan

Recent excise departments of Punjab, Sindh, KPK, and Baluchistan launched an online portal and application where just you will enter the tracking ID and complete details will show on your screen.

How to Check Car Owner Name in Punjab?

  • Firstly people will open
  • Then Enter valid details about the car number and ID card number.
  • The portal will display complete details regarding the vehicle.

Sometimes errors come in the App during a high number of people but people confused department does not update the status online which is wrong because the excise department migrates all systems online.

How to Check Car Owner Name in Sindh?

  • If you buy a new or old car and apply for a transfer now just open ““.
  • Enter the registration number because, without a registration number, you can not get the latest status.
  • You can install the Sindh excise app on mobile and check their registration.

No need to visit the excise office to check the registration’s current status because all systems shifted online and it will give the current status on the official webpage of Sindh Excise page.

How to Check Car Owner Name in KPK?

  • Are you looking at how to check the car owner’s name in KPK?
  • Just open this page “Click Here“.
  • Select the district where your vehicle is registered.
  • Enter the registered number which is mentioned in the vehicle book.
  • Click on “Search Button“.
  • Complete details will show on your screen.

People are living in different provinces of Pakistan and everyone finding out how to check car owner name in Pakistan because the federal excise department moves all work online and the majority of the people do know about them. All procedure step by step mentioned on this page.

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