Hi Speed Alpha 100Cc Price in Pakistan 2024

To all bike lovers out there, we have complete details for you on Hi Speed Alpha 100Cc Price in Pakistan 2024. Keep in mind that the Raazy motor industry is the manufacturing company of this bike. Furthermore, they are known for making ideal and top-notch motorcycles. In addition, they make these 4-stroke bikes and also cargo loaders. Here we will only talk about their Hi-speed alpha 100cc model. You can now know about their price and specs details:

Hi Speed Alpha 100Cc Price in Pakistan 2024

It is seen that the price of this Hi Speed Alpha 100Cc Price in Pakistan 2024 is around Rs 137,500.00. As this is a high-end model, that is why it is a bit expensive!

Hi-Speed Alpha Price Rs 137,500 {Approx}

Hi Speed Alpha 100Cc Price in Pakistan 2024

Hi-Speed Alpha 100Cc Specification

  • Most importantly, the engine section of this bike is in the 150D range. In addition, it is installed with a single-cylinder engine. It is encompassed by a 4-stroke engine and packed with the element of an air-cooling overhead Camshaft. It is horizontally inclined by 10.
  • To start this Hi-speed alpha 100cc operates on the kick or electric mode. The fuel system that is embedded in this bike model is Carburetor. The maximum speed withstood by it is 80 and it shows a 4-speed transmission range.
  • The fuel capacity witnessed in this current bike model is up to 9 liters. Besides, the curb weight of this item is 103 kg.
  • Besides, the overall design quality of this bike looks much more exclusive. All international design traits are embedded in this 100cc bike model. A smooth ride is offered by it. Along with that, this bike consumes less fuel.

Hi Speed Alpha 100cc Fuel Average

Before buying every new bike people must check the fuel average and then take the final decision. Moreover, Hi Speed Alpha 100Cc fuel average is approximately 40 to 45 KM.

  • 40 to 45 KM

Why buy this Hi-speed alpha 100cc?

  • You should invest your money in this bike model as it is made by a reputed brand. As we have told you Raazy Motor Industries Limited is an outstanding and competitive motorcycle manufacturing company. And this time they have come up with this amazing model.
  • For the information, this company carries the repute of making durable High-speed motorcycles that fall in the range of 70cc, 100cc, and also 125cc and too 150cc. It was in the year 2004 that this company came into being and up till now, it has grabbed many satisfied customers.
  • Apart from manufacturing bikes and cargo loaders, this same company is involved in assembling bike parts. This includes the fuel tank and chain cover as well as the wiring harness. All engineering-savvy experts manufacture these motorcycles and cargo loaders and the quality standards are fulfilled at their peak.

So, you can buy this Hi-speed alpha 100cc for yourself because it is durable and attractively designed and remains to function smoothly. If you own this bike, then let us know your experience. We know that lots of Hi-speed alpha 100cc fans are out there. In addition, if Raazy Motor Industries Limited manufactures more 100cc bikes or other cargo loader models, then we will update you about them. This is the complete details about Hi Speed Alpha 100Cc Price in Pakistan 2024. Most important this is a much more reasonable and affordable price.

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