EZ Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

Check the latest information about EZ Bike Price in Pakistan 2024. Because In foreign countries most people who are doing business about the departmental store now they can use the is that bike. Because when people go into the store they can easily carry this bike and do shopping. But now the trend has changed in Pakistan and some of the stores that are located in Islamabad have introduced this bike. As well as many of the other department stores that are working in other cities of Pakistan are going to introduce this bike for the facilitation of the customers. So people are looking at the EZ Bike Price in Pakistan 2024 as well as the latest price of this bike is around 90,000. Further information is listed below.

EZ Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

EZ Bike Price in Pakistan 2024 has been released by different companies because many of the organization is making this motorbike and the starting price of this bike is PKR 90,000. As well as they are giving a one-year battery warranty and the motor power is 800 Watts.

EZ Bike Price in PKR 90,000 Rupees

EZ Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

EZ Bike Engine

For the information of the customers who are going to buy this bike. This is not run on petrol because you can just charge this bike and use it. On the other hand, you can easily charge the bike at home because some of the people who are living near the market can easily use this bike. People are looking at the specifications and features of this bike engine but the company has not installed the engine because they are introducing the battery used in place of the engine.

EZ Bike Colors

This motorbike is available in different colors but till now black and red colors is introduced in Pakistan.

  • Black
  • Red

EZ Bike Battery timing

A massive strength of the customers is looking at the battery timing of this bike but this information is not available online. Further, if the company will announce the information related to them then we will definitely share it with the audience.

EZ Bike Speed

People are looking at the speed of this bike cause this is not the same as it is other motorbikes besides this is an electric bike that runs on a battery and charges electricity. So if you have charged full one time then you can easily use it for a long time. On the other hand hour speed of this bike is 35 kilometers.

In different cities of Pakistan, these bikes have attached an app, and those customers who want to use them then first download the app from the Play Store and install it on mobile. They will create an account and you can order online for this bike and can travel. Furthermore, there are many benefits of this bike because many of old people cannot walk so they can avail of this bike a reach this place. Where he wants to go. this is the complete information about EZ Bike Price in Pakistan 2024. Further, if they announce more variants increase the battery capacity, and introduce something more than the time we will share with the audience who are looking. So keep in touch with this page for the latest prices in the automobile industry.

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