Express Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

We know that you are looking at the Express Bike Price in Pakistan 2024. There are lots of bike lovers out there who are interested in knowing about the Express bike price in Pakistan for their latest and upgraded models. Here we have put up the correct information for you. We have seen that Express bikes are gaining quite high popularity in Pakistan. It is in recent times that they have launched some interesting and unique bike models. Furthermore, the price range of their models is affordable and all of these versions are unique in their own manners. Now, you can see the details and see which Express bike models fall in whatsoever price range:

Express Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

This is the latest model that has come into the market and nowadays people are buying this bike because this exists at an affordable price. The features of this bike are too much because this is fuel-efficient and gives mileage more as compared to other bikes. Further till now, they have launched three models in the market and the prices of all the models are going to mention below.

Variant Price
E-70 Regular PKR 98,999
Special Edition PKR 104,999
With Self Start Button PKR 115,999
  • First of all, if you are planning to have their E-70 Regular 2024 model, then its price is PKR 98,999.
  • On the other hand, if you have decided to go for the SE-70 Regular 2024 model, then its price is PKR 104,999. It is stated that SE-70 Alloy rim 2024 model has a price tag of PKR 115,999. Keep in mind that all of these price details and information are included with the registration fees as well as warranty time.
  • From this above-mentioned price information, we can speculate that Express bikes are budget-friendly.

Express Bike 2023 Model Price in Pakistan


  • As an example, if you own their Express SE-70CC model, then the following are the basic and main features that are a part of this bike model.
  • Most importantly, this bike has exclusive indicators installed in it. It has these sleek-looking monograms attached to it. In addition, this Express bike is surrounded by trendy and highly stylish graphics. It has this classy and high-end backlight infused on it.
  • Talking about the engine feature of Express bikes 2024, keep in mind that their bikes have a 4-stroke engine. They are composed of Air Cold Single Cylinders and show a displacement of 78cm3. Moreover, their bike Bore and Stroke are 47.0×41.4mm and they deliver a Compression of 8.8:1.

More specifications

  • These Express bikes show an Extreme Horse Power range and it is around and about 7.0ps/8500RPM. On the same note, their Extreme Torque capacity is 0.55lg-m/6500RPM. The transmission potential of these bikes is 4 Speed Rarely Mesh and their ignition system is all based and dependent on the CDI Electronic Control System.
  • You might be wondering what kind of clutch is present in Express bike models, here we are going to tell you! So, these bikes have a wet plate-type clutch. Their whole frame is based on the backbone body type and the entire body of these Express bikes looks quite strong looking.
  • Most noteworthy, the size dimensions of these Express bikes are 1885x760x990mm and give you a Ground Clearance of 35mm. Besides, their Petrol Tank Capacity is up to 10.0 Liters and shows a dry weight of 82 kg. The petrol expense range offered by these bikes is that if you run this bike up to 70 km, then just 1 liter of petrol will be consumed.

Now, you have got to know the power of these Express bikes 2024. Let us know which bike model you want to try out and keep tuned with us so that more details can be given to you. People who are interested to buy this vehicle now can take the Express Bike Price in Pakistan 2024.

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