Dirt Bike Price In Pakistan 2024

Now, dirt bikes come onto the market and people are seeking Dirt Bike Price in Pakistan 2024 those people are interested in stunts, and in northern areas, they can use them. Moreover, the outer look of this bike is outstanding but if we discuss the power that is too much. On the other hand, they have installed a cylinder on the back seat. A front facelift is much more gorgeous while most of the time just one man can drive. Moreover, if you are interested in northern areas and want to enjoy more then use this bike because this is suitable for these roads. Further fuel mileage of this bike along with specs and features include Dirt Bike price in Pakistan 2024 from this page.

Dirt Bike Price In Pakistan 2024

This bike is not manufactured in Pakistan but imported from another country. Officially company has not started to operate but some dealers who are doing import and export business then import from another country and then sell into Pakistan. The majority of people use this bike for different stunts because when Red Bulls organizes the race on the international level people buy this for enrollment.

Dirt Bike Price in PKR In between 2 Lac

Dirt Bike Price In Pakistan 2022

Dirt Bike Fuel Mileage

  • 30 TO 40 km under one Gallon Petrol

The fuel mileage of this bike is outstanding because the company has installed a fuel-efficient engine into this bike. Further, many of the other brands are selling this type of bike but till now they have not given the same fuel consumption.

Dirt Bike Accessories

  • Will Update Soon

This is not a locally assembled vehicle because if you buy a locally made bike then you take the accessories from the company. But this is import and import from another country so confirmation of the dirt bike accessories yet not exist.

Dirt Bike Horsepower

  • 80 to 100 horsepower

Between 80 to 100 horsepower of this bike because people use it for stunts and racing organized on different mountain racing tracks.

That information is available online now you can take it from this page Meanwhile if they officially launch this bike in Pakistan then we will share it on this page. On the other hand, for the mountain area, this is perfect because this company makes bike tires with proper unique technology. Moreover, we have mentioned the estimated price figure of this bike because it’s imported from another country, and the price depends on the dollar rate. So, these days the price of this dollar is much higher, and definitely, the price of these bikes is automatically increased. Further, all info regarding the Dirt Bike price in Pakistan 2024 is mentioned on this page.

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