Treet Bikes Price in Pakistan 2023 70cc, 100cc, 110cc, 125cc

Treet Corporation was established in 1952. Treet Bikes Price in Pakistan 2023 is available here. The treat corporation limited, the holding company is very reputed in Pakistan. The treat corporation has very bright business policies. The company is introducing 70cc, 100cc, 110cc, and 125cc bikes in Pakistan. On every level, they are trying to facilitate the customers while if we check the price then every bike is affordable with a powerful engine. Further, all specification of the Treet bike is mentioned below for the knowledge of the people who want to buy it.

Treet Bikes Price in Pakistan 2023

Some various models have been announced by the official and those people who are going to buy a new bike first can check the specs of the Street bike they decide about the vehicle. Some companies are giving the bike with high prices while Treet company is giving the high features in bike with the lowest price.

The prices of these bikes are as follows:

Treet Don Big 70 42,000 PKR
Treet Euro 2 TR 70 44,000 PKR
Treet Digital Edition 47,500 PKR
Treet TR 70 Self Start 48,000 PKR
Treet TR 100 54,000 PKR

These are the prices of all the bikes of this company being used in Pakistan.

Treet 70cc Bikes in Pakistan 2023:

Treet has launched 3 70cc bikes in Pakistan which are as under:

Treet Don Big 70cc:

Treet Don Big 70cc is equipped with the latest and modern technology. Treet Don Big 70cc 2023 model has an elegant design with the latest graphics. Its headlight and taillight are aggressive shapes. A sporty type of silencer has made it look more impressive. It is equipped with a 4-stroke, single-cylinder, OHV engine. The fuel mileage of Treet Don Big 70cc is very impressive.

Treet Bikes Price in Pakistan 2022 70cc, 100cc, 110cc, 125cc

Treet Digital Edition 70CC:

Treet Digital Edition 70CC is an amazing bike offered by Treet. Its popular color is red. The shape of the bike is according to the customer’s taste. The seat of Treet Digital Edition 70CC is very rare and comfortable. The fuel tank capacity is 9 liters which is enough for long drives. The headlights of Treet Digital Edition 70CC are unique. Treet Digital Editions 70cc has a four-stroke single-cylinder engine. It has a sleek design with the latest features.

Treet Digital Edition 70CC 2022 model price in Pakistan

Treet TR 70 Self Start:

Treet TR 70 Self Start is also another latest bike presented in Pakistan by the Treet Company. It has an air-cooled, 4-stroke OHV engine. Along with the latest and most powerful engine, it has a gorgeous design. Treet TR 70 Self Start has a self-start starting system.  It has a comfortable backbone type of seat. Their powerful shock removes the inconvenience of bad roads.

Treet TR 70 self start 2022 Model

Treet EURO ll TR 70:

Treet EURO ll TR 70 is equipped with the latest technology of Euro 2. Its headlights and indicators are all crystal. The further high resale value of Treet EURO ll TR 70 proves to be a lifetime asset for its owner. The new eye-catching graphics comfortable new seat design and aerodynamic shape have made Treet EURO II TR 70 the best choice and a perfect partner. The drive is smooth and comfortable with the restive suspension system installed in its shocks. On this page, we are providing Treet EURO ll TR 70 price shape color engine detail and other basic information about this bike. Like the other 70cc bike it has also a four-stroke single-cylinder engine.

Treet Bikes Price in Pakistan 70cc, 100cc, 110cc, 125cc

Treet 100cc Bikes 2023:

Treet has launched a 100cc bike in Pakistan which is as under:

Treet TR 100cc:

Treet TR 100cc Bike is the latest edition in the Treet bikes. It fulfills the all requirements of the new generations. The 4-stroke engine with a displacement of 100cc generates an increase in customer trust in Treet TR 100cc. The amazing feature of the Treet TR 100 is its rare and comfortable seats. The fuel tank capacity of the bike is 10 liters. The fuel tank capacity fulfills your need for long drives. There is no Treet TR 100cc bike that reflects modern technology.

Treet TR 100cc 2022 model

Along with these bikes, Treet is now intending to introduce the 110cc and 125cc in Pakistan. Their further details will be provided as announced by the company.

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