Yamaha Bikes Prices in Pakistan 2017 New Model 70CC 100CC 125CC with Specs Features

Yamaha is a globally renowned company for the excellent bikes and other electronic motors that they have designed to give ease and convenience to people. Yamaha bikes Prices in Pakistan with specification features detail and latest model color shape also available here. Recently in 2017 the Silent Brass the designer of bikes have won Asia design award. The bikes that are designed by Yamaha are laced with comfort and style. Yamaha has also won graphic design award which makes it very clear that every detail is taken care of by the company such as the needs of people.

Yamaha 70cc bikes:

  • Yamaha Dhoom YD 70: a stable bike without any complaint so far is the 70cc bike that has created a great impact in the market. This is one of those bikes that are inexpensive that is found in just PKR 48,500 while it also has the quality that it is 4-speed transmission along with 9.5L fuel capacity.
Model Specifications Price
Yamaha Dhoom YD 70 4-speed transmission9.5L fuel capacity PKR 50,400

Yamaha bikes Prices in Pakistan 2015 New Model 70CC 100CC 125CC with Specs Features YD Dhoom new look shape rate

Yamaha bikes Prices in Pakistan 2017 New Model 70CC 100CC 125CC with Specs Features

Yamaha 100cc bikes:

  • YD-100 Junoon: in just PKR78,000 what you will be able to get is the best of the bikes. Junoon is one of those bikes that are installed with 4-stroke, SOHC air cooling engine.
  • Yamaha YB100 Royal: this bike is a 2-stroke engine version of YD-100 Junoon. It is one of the best bikes that came to Pakistani market and is loved by people. You may get this bike at the price of PKR77,000.
  • Yamaha Yama4: the 100cc bike in the price of PKR74,700, is phenomenal. The bike has speed transmission system and also the best thing is that it has economic fuel consumption that many other bikes lack.
Model Specifications Price
YD-100 Junoon 4-stroke, SOHC air cooling engine PKR 72,500
Yamaha YB100 Royal 2-stroke engine version of YD-100 Junoon PKR 77,000
Yamaha Yama4 speed transmission system PKR 64,000

Yamaha Junoon Blue Look, Yamaha bikes Prices in Pakistan 2015 New Model 70CC 100CC 125CC with Specs FeaturesYamaha 125cc bikes:

  • Yamaha YBR 125: 4 stroke SOHC bike with the electric start system is now here in Pakistan at the economically sufficient price of PKR95000. This bike is totally great for the one who need power and speed in their bike.
  • DYL YD-125 Sports: a great bike that with the sporty look and feel is here for the bikers at the price of PKR 105,000. This bike has 4 stroke OHV engine that is quite powerful to take you on the long drives.
Model Specifications Price
Yamaha YBR 125 stroke SOHC bike electric start system PKR 129,400
DYL YD-125 Sports 4 stroke OHV engine sporty look PKR 95,000
Yamaha YBR 125G stroke SOHC bike electric start system PKR 132,400

These all creations of Yamaha are just the wonders. For person of different monetary stage can have their own conveyance depending upon their requirements. These are the bikes with great power and as they are designed by the reliable company of Yamaha so it can be said that they are carved out for perfection.

Yamaha bikes Prices in Pakistan for latest model with shape features detail here. If you like any more information about Yamaha then write us in comments section below.

Yamaha 150cc Price in Pakistan

Price in Pakistan is PKR 189,000/-

Yamaha bikes prices in Pakistan

Yamaha 150cc mudguard is designed in such way that it prevents the rider from mud and water splashes. In safety features the black front fork give a more compact look to its more striking appeal to its entire body. The new chain protector prevents unnecessary objects from getting blocked in chain. Fz-16 has 4-stroke SOHC, 2-valves, and air cooled engine. It has wide space of tank volume capacity which is 12 liters and engine oil volume is 1.2 liters. Yamaha Fz-16 designed in sports shape and it look like the heavy sport bike.

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