Road Prince Loader 150cc Price In Pakistan 2024

The Road Prince Loader 150cc is a popular choice for businesses and individuals in Pakistan looking for a versatile and affordable vehicle for transporting goods. This guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the Road Prince Loader 150cc price in Pakistan, Road Prince motorbike manufacturers are now assembling loader rickshaws for cargo services. This is a 4-stroke manual gear with an extra feature of a hand brake loader. It has a wider cargo trolley that has a 1000kg maximum loading capacity. Its 150cc powerful engine generates maximum power towing which was a need for loading vehicles. Road Prince 150cc loader rickshaw is one of the best products for those people who are doing business for transportation as well as the engine location is below the seat of the driver.

Road Prince 150cc Loader Rickshaw Price

The new model of Road Prince loader rickshaw 150cc is now available on outlets for sale. You can buy it in the price range of Rs. 255, 000/-

Road Prince Loader 150cc Rs. 255, 000/-
  • This is a muscular-looking open-roof three-wheeler 2 x 1 with two back wheels that drives a rickshaw.
  • Such vehicles are produced with their purpose instead of their looks.
  • Although it provides a maximum cargo or loading capacity still it can be easily run in the narrow streets of towns.
  • Hand acceleration, hand clutch with front hand brake, and rear foot brake make it easy to manage on tattered roads.
  • Moreover, the shocks are powerful and sustainable as they can bear the stretch and flexibility in risky jumps and pits.
  • Well, if we talk about its fuel consumption then we have a very efficient vehicle with 30KM per liter mileage.
  • Further prices and specifications of Road Prince loader 150cc rickshaw are given below to this passage.

Road Prince Loader 150cc Price In Pakistan 2024


Road Prince Loader 150cc Specification Mileage Average Features Reviews Pictures

Check all the specifications of this loader here before buying it.


Overall Vehicle Length 322cm
Overall Vehicle Width 131cm
Wheel Base 218 cm
Turning Circle L=618 cm,R=625cm
Ground Clearance 15cm
Fuel Efficiency (Min) 30Km/Itr for Gasoline
Drive Mechanism 4 Stroke
Braking System Manual
Transmission Through Shaft
Battery 12 V 3Ah
Gears Manual
Attainable Speed 50 Km/h
Tyre Size-Front 4.50-12
Tyre Size-Rear 4.50-12
Max.Loading Capacity 1000kg

As Road Prince Loader 150cc Price In Pakistan 2024 is quite high but it is also one of the best leaders in the country. The majority of people are using loaders in the space of heavy vehicles because if we talk about the size this is small but we can load goods too much as compared to other loaders.

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