Tips To Drive An Automatic Transmission Car on Roads of Pakistan

Automatic transmission cars have seized the interest of drivers due to the ease of drive even on the tattered roads of Pakistan. Due to the automatically speed identifying gear shifters the car shuffles gear according to the pre-set limits of speed and brakes. But when you are driving inside the city, somewhere you found clearer roads where you can increase the speed freely but at once a heavy traffic jam or a speed breaker arrives where you can never stable the speed. In these conditions the car will change the gears again and again which can not only disturb you but it also damage the transmission system which is very expensive in Pakistan to repair. Beside this damage, when a car get acceleration from zero speed it consume more fuel which annoy the mileage of your car. So, if you are also having a car with self-shifting gears in Pakistan then you should be aware with some Tips To Drive An Automatic Transmission Car on Roads of Pakistan. These tips will keep your auto-transmission gears from any kind of damage and will give you the actual mileage of your car.

Tips To Drive An Automatic Transmission Car on Roads of Pakistan

Precautions For Beginning Driving:

Mostly the automatic transmission car will never start up until you do these steps.

First of all sit on the driving seat and adjust it according to your legs and arm’s length so that you can access the controls easily. Keep your right foot on the brake paddle and press it down. After that turn the key clockwise to start the car. While doing these steps the gear shifter liver should be at position “P” which is on the top of the panel. So Now…

  • Fasten the seat belt
  • Keep the gear shifter at “P”
  • Push the left sided brake paddle with right foot
  • Turn the key clockwise to start your car
  • When your car get started, bring the gear shifter at position “D”

Now when you slowly release the brake paddle the car will keep on moving. To speed up just move your foot from brake paddle to the right sided paddle for acceleration and press it gently as much as you want to speed up your car according to the road and traffic condition.

Tips To Drive An Automatic Transmission Car on Roads of Pakistan

Hopefully you are following the above written steps but if not then must follow these to avoid any technical or mechanical damage. Now you are going to get the tips to drive an automatic transmission car on roads of Pakistan. So when you are driving on road where there is a traffic rush and gears are shuffling rapidly then to the normal state then you can follow the below tips to increase the performance and of course mileage.

  1. Keep a sedan car distance from the next car so that you don’t need to fully stop your car and avoid sudden or jerking brakes
  2. When you are in rush where you have to brake again and again, avoid shuffling the gear liver at “P”
  3. Use brake paddle at “D” mode as it will reduce the maximum fuel consumption
  4. Use brake paddle then to the parking mode and come to almost completely stop before changing the direction
  5. When you see that the road is clearer and you can speed up the car then never directly press the acceleration paddle. But you must feed the throttle on in drive for rolling the car first and then seep up.
  6. Don’t go to the N (natural) when speed it slower. It will stop the engine suddenly but when you again bring the liver at D (Drive) it is not only the time wasting but also halting the drive of the engine to the transmission for you.

When you use these tips to drive an automatic transmission car on roads of Pakistan, you will not only increase the fuel mileage and decrease the consumption but the life of car engine will also get long lasting. You can also share your experiences with us in the following comments we are waiting for it. Thank You!

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