How To Get A Permit For Tinted Windows In Pakistan

Here we are sharing How To Get A Permit For Tinted Windows In Pakistan. Just a couple of days back the notification was issued from the office of the Islamabad District Magistrate as from Mushtaq Ahmed that is all declaring all such permits ‘suspended’. It has been stated out by the officials in the notification that all the permits issued for tinted windows in exemption of the provision of Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1969 were outcome to be suspended with immediate effect. The notification hence even threatened strict action against the violators.

How To Get A Permit For Tinted Windows In Pakistan

How To Get A Permit For Tinted Windows In Pakistan

Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) have even came up to issue the fine on the driver of a vehicle with tinted windows. The tinted or even the coloured stickers will be removed when such vehicles are out to be spotted by ITP officials. But this campaign faces problems regarding out with the hundreds of imported vehicles which are factory fitted in the medium of the dark or tinted glass.

A senior police official has claimed out in one of the statements that the police were considering whether to approach the commerce ministry or in the view of seeking a a ban on the import of vehicles with the timeline of dark or tinted screens and glass

Islamabad – The district administration Islamabad has even warned just as against use of tinted glasses in the limits of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT). It has often suspended all the permits issued in this regard in exemption of the provisions of Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1969. This has been unveiled out by the sources.

How To Get A Permit For Tinted Window

They had even mentioned that the district magistrate Islamabad issued a notification to this effect on December 3, 2015 (Thursday). It has been all the more notified that all the permits issued for the timeline of the tinted glasses in exemption of provisions of the Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1969 are hence hereby suspended with immediate effect. Some kind of the strict legal action shall be initiated just as against the violators.

As in view with the compliance with the notification, the ICT police has often removed black papers from 200 vehicles. In the view of following the directions from Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan, Islamabad administration and so as the category of the local police have started campaign as against the vehicles who are all having tinted glasses. The action is being taken as to be under motor vehicle ordinance as against the vehicles who are all the more making others unable to see vehicle’s occupants.

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