FX Car Price in Pakistan 2024

In the era of 1988, the Suzuki company launched FX in Pakistan and this vehicle was too popular. One time come when people show don’t interest in this vehicle but recently in Pakistan, we have noticed Suzuki FX demand increasing. Everyone searching Suzuki FX Car price in Pakistan 2024 model. Production of this vehicle was closed several years ago but in used condition, you can buy this vehicle which is still in the local automobile market. You can easily buy this car between PKR 12,0000 to PKR 2,00,000. Moreover, a 796 Cc engine has been installed which power 40HP as well it was come with manual transmission. Further, other details about Suzuki FX are discussed below.

FX Car Price in Pakistan 2024

According to the latest market trend, the updated price figure of Suzuki FX is PKR 12,0000 to PKR 2,00,000. The price depends on model and condition because some people still exist who are careful about this car and available in good condition.

FX Car Price in PKR PKR 12,0000 to PKR 2,00,000

FX Car Price in Pakistan 2024

Engine Specifications of Suzuki FX

Major information regarding Suzuki FX now exists in the below table as well as before buying everyone is required to check all details and then take the final decision.

Engine Cc 796 Cc
Body Type Hatchback
Transmission Manual
Torque 50 Nm
Top Speed 140 KM/H
Horsepower 40 hp

Fuel Average

The mileage of the Suzuki FX is not too good because when this vehicle was assembled the concept of the hybrid engine did not exist. It is made with simple technology and under one-liter petrol fuel consumption is around 8 to 10 KM.

Fuel Consumption 8 to 10 KM

Fuel Tank Size

Due to small vehicles, people are unaware of the fuel storage capacity of Suzuki FX. So, around 30L is the fuel tank of Suzuki FX which is perfect according to body size.

Tank Size 30 Liters

For small family, Suzuki FX is the perfect vehicle and around 4 to 5 people easily sit in this car. In addition, the availability of FX exists in every city of Pakistan small or big. Before buying this vehicle must collect info about FX Car Price in Pakistan.

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