Super Power SP 70 2021 Price in Pakistan Specs, Features Mileage Details Pics

Super Power bikes have different models in Pakistan. Super Power SP 70 2021 Price in Pakistan is available here. With acute engineering and avant-garde intelligence, Cool Power has fabricated an accomplishment to accompany up its anew advised SP-70CC bike to accommodate the present charge of Pakistani bike riders. The aggregation has followed the aforementioned fundamentals and standards which are already acclaimed in Pakistan for designing and abstracting the bike. The bike is around identical while comparing it with added company’s bikes. This motorbike is about identical to added 70CC bikes in the country. But in our assessment, this motorbike could accumulate a huge business with something innovative in it. The ride of this motorbike is not as bland as of Honda CD 70 but we would not amount its ride beneath the accepted of added aforementioned chic bikes. There is no appropriate acumen to go for Cool Power SP 70 as there are identical replica bikes with agnate amount tag and benumbed standards. The Super Power SP-70 is a disturbing motorcycle cast in Pakistan with Super Power Bikes Prices in Pakistan. The aggregation has approved its akin best to accompany up its anew advised motorbike. But to accord your artifact an allure so that it can bolt the eyes of people.

Super Power SP 70 2021 Price in Pakistan:

The price of this bike in Pakistan is 48,500 PKR which is quite reliable to use in Pakistan.

The bike is analogously lighter in weight than added replica bikes like metro, cool Asia, and alley prince. The headlight is absolutely the aforementioned as of added bikes of agnate class but the indicators and anchor and anchor lights are aflame with LEDs. And the indicators are analogously beyond than added bikes. We feel that this motorbike lacks an adventurous attending and avant-garde design. Furthermore, the continued appellation believably of this motorbike is a huge catechism mark. If this motorbike is alluring you, we would advance you to the appointment the absolute motorbike bazaar and analyze this motorbike with added bikes.

Super Power SP 70 2020 Price in Pakistan Specs & Features Mileage Details Pics New Shape

You will appear to apperceive about some important facts. The centralized appearance of this motorbike such as torque rate, abeyance arrangement, and engine adequacy is absolutely the aforementioned as added bikes. Now advance its facts internally, the bike is advised commonly with the aforementioned ammunition accommodation tank, abeyance system, and engine and torque rate. As such, there is annihilation account in it that makes it altered from others internally. What I feel is that companies should architecture something altered with adventurous attending so that there should be a change to the eyes. You can appointment the absolute bike bazaar and analyze the Super Power SP 70 Price in Pakistan amount in Pakistan with them for affairs the bike with atomic prices.

SP-70 Specifications:

The specifications of this  bike are as follows:

Engine 4 Stroke OHC,Air Cold Single Cylinder Displacement 78 cm 3
Bore & Stroke 47.0 x 41.4 mm Compression Ratio 8.8:1
Clutch Wet Plate Type Transmission CDI Electronic Control System
Starting 4 Speed Rarely Mesh Frame N/A
Dimension (Lxwxh) 1885x760x990 mm Ground Clearance 35 mm
Petrol Capacity 10.0 Litre Tyre at Front 2.25-17 4 PR
Tyre at Back 2.25-17 4 PR Dry Weight 82 kg

Super Power SP 70 2021 Price in Pakistan mentioned above here for the latest model if you want to check any other information then write us in the comments section below.

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