Suzuki Sprinter ECO Euro2 2017 Price in Pakistan Specs Features Mileage Detail Pics

Suzuki Sprinter ECO Euro2 2017 Price in Pakistan = PKR. 93,400/.

Suzuki Sprinter ECO Euro2 2017 price in Pakistan specs features mileage detail pics. Changing climate has posed serious threats to every field of life. Keeping this in view, Suzuki launched an environment friendly motorcycle to attract more customers. Sprinter Euro2 is launched and its model is available in the market now. A Polyurethane foam element has been introduced in the bike which makes it protective against polluting the environment. More attractive that Suzuki Sprinter Eco, Euro2 has better sound and fuel consumption than other competitors of its type. It is known for its powerful and durable engine. Originally, it is available in red and black color, but can be altered.

It has a four-stroke engine using air-cooled system for cooling purpose. Four speed transmission system come in act to ride the bike optimally. Popular among a large number of people, the machine can produce a speed up to 110 km/hour. Most important feature of the bike is that it remains smooth while moving at a speed of 80 to 85 km/hour, which is a drawback in number of bikes that start vibrating. Secret of smoothness resides in the strong frame of the motorbike.

Suzuki Sprinter ECO Euro2 2015 Front Shape Suzuki Sprinter ECO Euro2 2015 Price in Pakistan New Shape Pics Suzuki Sprinter ECO Euro2 2015 Price in Pakistan Specs Features Mileage Detail PicsSuzuki Sprinter ECO Euro2 2017 Price in Pakistan Specs Features Mileage Detail Pics

Starting with the main features, it has a large and dynamic tank with the capacity of 10.5 liters. The reserve capacity is about 2 liters, which is more than other bikes who have this capacity of 1.5 liters. Kick start with electronic ignition mechanism can be exercised to start it to set in motion. High compression ratio is the key feature of this bike, which sets it more prominent.

High compression is a characteristic of internal combustion engines that highlights the ratio of the volume of the combustion chamber, from its largest capacity to its smaller capacity. As compared to overall grace, the headlight is not suited with the look of bike. It has old tradition rectangular shape. However one can alter it according to his desire. Rear light is quite small but stylish. Indicators are normal and though not stylish in shape. The seat is wider, long and leather cover over it making it more comfortable for the rider. Seat for the rear rider is much wider.

Specification Features:

Engine Type       4-stroke air cooled Single cylinder,OHC
displacement     109cm
Bore x Stroke     53.5mm x 48.8mm
Compression Ratio          9.6:1
Carburetor          MIKUNI BS22, Single
Starter System  Kick
Transmission      4-speed
Air Cleaner          Polyurethane foam element
Clutch   Wet Multi Plate type
Gearshift Pattern    4-down
Suspension Front Rear
Telescopic coil spring oil
damped swing arm coil spring oil damped
Brake Front        Drun
Rear       Drum
Ignition Type      Electronic Ignition
Drive Chain         10 B.T.D at 1500 rpm
Ignition Timing  428,102 links
Spark Plug           NGK CR6HS
Battery                 12v9kc
Fuel Tank           10.5L
Reserve              2.0L
Engine Oil          700ml
Overall Length   1900mm
Overall Width    755mm
Overall Height   1050mm
Wheelbase         1225mm
Ground Clearance      150mm
Seat Height         800mm
Dry Weight         91kg
Frame Type        Single Backbone

Suzuki Sprinter ECO Euro 2 price in Pakistan specs features mileage detail pics.Suzuki Sprinter ECO Euro2 new technology bike value availability in Pakistan and latest models features price mention above if you need any query write us in comments below.

Suzuki Sprinter ECO Euro2 2017 Price in Pakistan = PKR. 93,400/.

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