Honda N One Price in Pakistan 2024

Honda N One 2020 Price in Pakistan Fuel Mileage Specs Review Pics

The Honda N One 660cc, a Kei car by Honda Japan, is now available in Pakistan as part of Honda’s Kei vehicle lineup. This model, drawing inspiration from the classic N360, features iconic round headlights and vertical tail lamps, and is powered by a 660cc inline-cylinder engine. With a starting price of PKR 3,500,000, the … Read more

Honda Freed Price in Pakistan 2024

Honda Freed Hybrid 2022 Price in Pakistan

The Honda Freed, with its recent facelift, offers a unique option for families in Pakistan, priced between PKR 2.5 million and PKR 3 million. This model stands out due to its distinctive interior design and style, characteristics that are unmatched by any other vehicle currently on the market. While only a few variants are available … Read more

Honda WRV Price in Pakistan 2024

Honda WRV

Set to launch in Pakistan in 2024, the Honda WRV is an innovative hatchback SUV that combines style and performance. Available in two variants, the 1.5 Liter i-DTEC Diesel and the 1.2 Liter i-VTEC Petrol, both offer robust engine power and impressive fuel efficiency, with features like a 6-speed manual and adaptive transmissions that enable … Read more

Honda Grace Hybrid Price in Pakistan 2024

Honda Grace Hybrid Price in Pakistan 2022 Specs Features Mileage Shape Pics

In Pakistan, the 2024 Honda Grace Hybrid stands out as a sophisticated and efficient four-door sedan with a front-wheel drive and front-mounted engine. Mirroring the 2016 Honda City in design, it features unique updates such as blue-tinted chrome trim on the grille, LED taillights, and a small boot lid spoiler. Equipped with 15-inch steel wheels … Read more

Honda N WGN Price in Pakistan 2024

Honda N WGN 2019 Price in Pakistan

In 2024, Honda is set to introduce the Honda N WGN in Pakistan, a new and improved model compared to its predecessors. This compact hatchback features a 660cc SO7A DOHC front engine capable of producing 65 horsepower and an automatic transmission. Although the exterior design is modest, the car excels with its high-quality imported components, … Read more

Honda Jazz Price in Pakistan 2024

Honda Jazz 2020 Model Price in Pakistan Features Specs Review New Shape Pics

The Honda Jazz, also known as the Honda Fit in other regions, has been introduced by Honda Japan with a fresh and stylish design. Although not officially launched in Pakistan, the Jazz is available as an imported used vehicle. It features a modern redesign that emphasizes space and advanced features, appealing to a young and … Read more

Honda Brio Price in Pakistan 2024

Honda Brio New Model Front look

The updated Honda Brio Price in Pakistan 2024 model is PKR 2,360,000. Honda is preparing to launch the Honda Brio in Pakistan, targeting competition in the compact car market. Although not officially released in Pakistan, the Brio is available through importers, having been launched in other countries. Known for its fuel efficiency, this five-door hatchback … Read more

Honda Fit Aria Price in Pakistan 2024

Honda Fit Aria Fron Look

Exciting news for car enthusiasts in Pakistan! The latest model of Honda Fit, also known as Honda Jazz, has arrived on the market for 2024. Manufactured by Honda Japan, this sleek 5-door subcompact car boasts a powerful 1.5-liter, 4-cylinder engine, delivering 89 horsepower at 5500rpm. While the exact price may vary depending on factors like … Read more